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12 Important Skills Needed to Have a Successful Career

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More than the actual hard skills required for a job opening or position, employers and recruiters are on the lookout for these traits.

12 Employability Skills that Will Ensure a Successful Career in the Workplace

1. The skill to learn and be taught

A teachable person, one who’s hungry for learning, is one of the most valued people in the company. A person who’s always in pursuit of knowledge of new things and systems that can help give a company an edge over the competition will more likely be hired than one who’s passive in this area.

2. The skill to assess and solve problems

Problem-solving skills are a must, especially if you are eyeing a leadership position. Problems at work are inevitable that’s why a lot of recruitment officers and employers are always looking for critical problem-solving skills from applicants.

3. The skill to think strategically

The ability to think strategically adds value to you as a candidate. Having the foresight to plan for worst-case scenarios and to have the most efficient working system is an asset any company would like to have.

If you want to become more adept in this area, take up some strategic thinking skills training sessions. They come in very handy.

4. The skill to communicate effectively

business communication

Communication is important in any setting, especially at work. Whether it is verbal or written, the ability to communicate properly and effectively is one of the most sought-after traits any employer is looking for in an applicant.

5. The skill to work and collaborate with others

It is said that no man is an island. This is especially true in the business and workplace setting. Teams make things happen. Collaborations bring about success. Anyone who knows how to work well with people is a keeper.

6. The skill to empathize

Although empathy might seem to have no place in the professional world, it is a skill that is essential especially since almost all jobs require interaction with people. The ability to empathize makes one connect with people on a deeper level that leads to trust in a person and, ultimately, a company.

7. The skill to be creative and innovative

Another in-demand characteristic and trait employers are looking for is a person’s ability to think out-of-the-box. Creativity is simply defined as coming up with a solution to an existing problem with whatever resources you have on hand. Not many people are gifted with this skill.

8. The skill of resiliency

Business, just like life, will have its fair share of problems and challenges. Some might even be big enough to shake the company’s foundations but having resilient people around will help any company bounce back and recover from any setback, no matter how big it is.

9. The skill to lead others

Not everyone is wired to be a leader in the workplace. It takes a special kind of person to efficiently and successfully lead people in any campaign. The one with the ability to coach and empower people to become the best version of themselves is a rare find.

10. The skill to lead the self

While not everyone is built to lead others, each one of us can lead ourselves. This is manifested in how we lead our lives — if we’re disciplined in all we do, if we do our best at everything, if we take good care of ourselves and our surroundings. Discipline plays a huge part in any person and company’s success.

11. The skill to manage and organize

We all have some certain things we’re responsible for. The ability to properly steward all that is within our sphere is important. Proper management and organization can help make things run smoothly for the workplace. It involves how we make use of our time and our resources at work.

12. The skill to adapt to a fast-paced environment

Have you ever wondered why a lot of companies are looking for people who can work under pressure and adapt to a dynamic environment? That’s because things are always changing. Innovations keep coming, new and better systems keep getting introduced. The ability to roll with these changes adds great value to any worker.

Now that we’ve identified some of the top skills managers are looking for, you can now do something to improve in those areas to make you a prime candidate for any job you apply for.

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