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3 Homework Excuses You Have to Deal with Your Child

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If there’s one thing that’s constant about school, that would perhaps be homework. Unfortunately, despite it being the routine, kids don’t particularly have the best attitudes towards it. In fact, to put it bluntly, they hate it. For sure, you’ve heard a lot of excuses from your own children just so they could dodge, or at least delay, doing it. If you hear these following statements next time, hear them out, resist the urge of doing their homework for them, and instead motivate them to do whatever work that should be done:

1. I don’t have any homework

This could indeed be the case, or this may just be one of those white lies instances. Regardless of what this is, give them house chores, like sweeping the floors or setting and clearing the dining table. Usually, when kids tell this homework excuse, it’s not just to cop out of the no-fun homework, but to be given permission to do what’s enjoyable instead, like tinkering on their gadgets.

When you assign chores even in the absence of homework, they will soon realize that they’re not totally off the hook from hard tasks. This will either get them used to the idea of work as the norm or finally come clean about their school assignment and do it. Both win-win situations. For the latter, of course, you can always check with teachers about homework, but you want children to own up to their mistakes and choose the right thing. All the same, maintain close communication with people in your child’s school. If you’re still looking for a good campus that has a reputable elementary curriculum, Gilbert, AZ learning communities may be a good place to start.

2. It’s too difficult

Frustrated child doing homeworkThis can take on other forms, like “I can’t to do it.” or “I’m stupid.” In this instance, you should be able to identify what exactly is hard for them. For instance, in math word problems, is it applying the mathematical operations, understanding the text, or getting intimidated with the numbers? When you know where they’re struggling, you’ll be able to come up with solutions that specifically address their issues. Consider the need to hire a Singapore tuition. With a one-on-one approach, your child can take their pace in learning and feel more candid in talking about what they don’t get in the lesson. At the same time, keep your mind open as well to the possibility of your child having learning disabilities, like dyslexia. When they keep telling you that they can’t keep up with their subjects, take them to a doctor to know to get proper diagnosis and treatments. Don’t brush off these homework excuses aside. Get to the bottom of what your child is feeling.

3. It’s not due tomorrow

Then that’s nice. Tell them that if they do it today, then they will not have to scramble through stuff just when the deadline is near. Plus, they can do a lot more fun stuff when they’re accomplished with it already. On your end, you want them to get rid of the habit of procrastination and make them do things right away, the right way. To get them to do stuff now, give them some level of control. For instance, if they want to do it in your garden, let them. If they want to have some background music, allow them to pick their songs. This will hopefully contribute to a sense of being in charge, which makes them own what they’re doing.

Are you struggling to deal with your child’s excuses for schoolwork? If you hear these mentioned statements, you know what to do now.

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