6 Characteristics of a Great Health Coach

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Being a health coach is more than just guiding others to live their best life holistically. Although that is the central part of the job, it takes more than just knowledge and people skills. Do you want to know what makes a health coach great? Here are some qualities that he or she should possess:

1. A holistic view of wellness

After you graduate from a reputable naturopathic medicine college in Percy Circus and other prominent places, you will most likely have particular expertise (e.g. yoga, nutrition, physical training, or sports). While expertise is great, a health coach should still have a holistic view of health. In that sense, you should not focus on one aspect only. Instead, take all areas of wellness into account.

For example, as a health coach guides their client through weight loss using physical training, they should also consider other factors that may affect the client’s weight, such as nutrition, mental health, and lifestyle.

2. Active listening

As a health coach, you will do a lot of talking. However, remember that coaching is a two-way conversation, and you must listen to your client even if they aren’t saying anything. In this way, you will establish a good foundation of trust between you two, and make the wellness program even more effective for the client.

3. Openness to learning

When you’re a health coach or work in the field of health, the learning never stops. Every week, there are always new insights, research, and techniques about health and everything related to it. As a health coach, it’s your responsibility to make sure you’re caught up on the important news.

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4. Professionalism

A great health coach maintains professionalism in all of his or her client relationships. They know how to listen and communicate with clients without judgment or taking their stories personally. While it is important to establish a great relationship with your clients, being a health coach doesn’t mean you have to fix their problems for them. Instead, you only do what you are asked to do, and you know how not to overstep your boundaries.

5. Empathy

Empathy is a necessary skill for most jobs, but in health coaching, it’s a priority. You need to be able to relate to your clients, what they’re going through, what they want to happen, and how they can achieve their goals in ways they’re comfortable with.

Granted, you won’t always know what your client is going through, but with active listening combined with understanding, you can better empathize with their situation.

6. Self-practice

Clients will tend to trust you more if you practice what you preach. So, if you want to be a great health coach, take your own advice and live a well-rounded lifestyle. Of course, this doesn’t mean forcing yourself to be the epitome of fitness, but rather continuously striving for wellness in ways that you can share with your clients.

Successful health coaches have mastered these skills, along with many others. That said, if you want to succeed, these tips should help you start your journey right.

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