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7 Health Benefits of Roller Skating You Should Know

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Are you looking for an indoor family entertainment center franchise? The choices can get confusing but some of the factors you should consider are if they are safe, fun and have some sort of health benefit to your clients. Roller skating, for example, is not only a fun activity for families and friends. It also has some benefits which you can use to attract guests. Here are 7 of those benefits;

Roller Skating Won’t Harm Anyone’s Joints

Everyone wants to have fun but not everyone has strong knees and elbows. You’d be happy to know that if you choose a roller skating rink franchise, you’d be helping your clients have fun without hurting their joints. Roller skating is not a high impact activity. A study from the University of Massachusetts backs this study. The study also declares that roller skating has 50% less impact as compared to running.

Roller Skating Can be a Form of Cross Training Exercise

Roller Skating is a substitute for jogging as both have the same health benefits. Roller skating also helps in developing leg strength and reducing body fat. Your active clients will love roller skating as a replacement during the off season for cross training.

Roller Skating Can Burn Fat

Bet you didn’t know that a man with an average weight of 190 lbs can burn around 10 calories each for every minute of skating. Well, that’s a fact. Aside from that, a woman with an average weight of 163 lbs can burn 9 calories a minute if she roller skates. This is good news for those who feel lazy doing exercises and other fitness training activities and would rather watch TV.

Roller Skating is Good for the Arms and Legs

If you’ve noticed, roller skating requires the movement of the whole body. As your clients move around, they are also working their arms and core, this means that they are actually doing a full workout. Roller skating also builds strength and promotes strong muscles as well as good coordination.

Roller Skating for Balance

Roller skating can improve balance. Also, roller skating promotes better abdominal strength, and strength for lower-back muscles.

Roller Skating for the Heart and Endurance

Roller skating is ‘an effective aerobic exercise’ according to the American Heart Association. They also recognize that roller skating ‘strengthens the heart’. Another thing worth mentioning is the effectiveness of roller skating for endurance. If there are ‘uphill climbs’ at your skating rink then it is even better in helping the muscles to develop.

Roller Skating as a Way to Socialize

Happy young couple having fun with skateboard on the roadSocializing is important to keep the mind healthy. Roller skating can be an avenue for meeting new friends or getting together with friends. It’s also an avenue for many gatherings keeping the social interaction fun.

Why Would You Want to Franchise a Family Center with a Skating Rink?

Aside from the financial aspects of getting a franchise, you’ll want to start an indoor family entertainment center franchise with a skating rink because of its health benefits. With roller skating included in your family center, you aren’t only earning but also giving your clients enjoyment and over-all well-being.

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