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A Guide to Picking a Paralegal School

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With numerous paralegal schools in the country, individuals looking to study law can have a hard time choosing a paralegal academy. The ultimate choice of school will depend on different factors, such as the area of specialization, the cost, and the city of residence. The common denominator is that paralegal schools provide students with a solid foundation that helps build a successful career in law. Some of the factors that students can consider when choosing an online paralegal school include:

Career Opportunities

The staff and faculty in a paralegal institution should be willing to help you secure a job after you complete your program. That way, you will not worry about being jobless after completing the paralegal studies. Inquire about a school’s rate of job placement among the alumni. Renowned law firms prefer job candidates from specific schools, so you need to choose wisely.

Internship Opportunities

Paralegal training in the classroom gives students insight into the knowledge of the field. However, you need to undertake internship programs to gain work experience. You will learn the areas of interest during the internship and practice your networking skills. It is also a requirement in most institutions to undertake internship programs before your graduation. Paralegal schools should have contacts of law firms where their students can intern to gain real-life experience.


Students’ needs vary from one individual to another. Therefore, it is advisable to look for an institution with a variety of options. Some schools allow students to study on a full-time or part-time basis. There is also the option of studying in the evening after work. The more flexibility a school offers, the better it is in providing quality education.


Do you know that laws in the country vary depending on the state of residence? It is thus advisable to undertake your studies in the state that you intend to work. That way, you familiarize yourself with the state laws and lay a good foundation for your career when you start looking for a job.

Accreditation of Legal Programs

You will need to confirm if the institution has the right accreditation from regulatory bodies. The American Bar Association is the most common accrediting body for paralegal institutions. If an institution is awaiting accreditation, inquire about the requirements that you need to meet for certification.

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Duration of Study

Paralegal programs can take as long as three months or even take two years. Individuals with legal experience take short programs while fresh graduates from school undertake the more extended programs. Take your time to understand the expected duration of study for the specific program you need to undertake. That will help you in determining the payable fees for the program.

Taking the right paralegal programs is essential to launching a successful career. Also, you get the chance to land your first job as a paralegal. Therefore, take your time when looking for online paralegal schools where you will start your program. The mistake of choosing the wrong school will be costly both in the short and long term.

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