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Aerobic System: The Best Answer to Residential Drainfield Problems

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Tree roots and clotted grease can be troublesome to the plumbing system of your home. However, apart from blockages within the pipes, the cause of backed-up toilets can eventually be traced to drainfield problems. Repair, rejuvenation, or drainfield replacement may not be in your budget yet, but you must never delay addressing the problem. After all, your family’s health and well-being can be at stake.

An alternative system

When wastewater puddles on the ground, you cannot turn a blind eye to it. Of course, you’d smell the problem even from afar. Professionals can provide cleaning services that do not disrupt the year or any household activity, especially water usage. However, this may not be the first time you have to deal with the issue. What else can be done about it then?

Alternately, you may opt for the installation of an aerobic system in place of the conventional sewage system. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends the more powerful activity of aerobic microorganisms in breaking down waste matter to American households. These systems allow for more efficient dispersal of the effluent water. You can ask local authorities for their opinion on the matter.

The inner workings of a sewage system

All septic tanks are located underground. The sedimentation tank is an important component of residential wastewater treatment. All the solid and liquid waste from your home goes into the tank where microorganisms do their work in reducing the harmful effects of pathogens contained in the waste material. A traditional septic system utilises anaerobic processes in an environment that does not contain oxygen. Meanwhile, an aerobic system utilises oxygen to achieve the same results.

Tank aeration sewage systems that utilise biological drainage and decomposition processes work faster and more effectively. One of the main advantages of the system is the faster breakdown of waste products and less intense pumping involved.

A closer look at aerobic systems

An aerobic system is not as complex as the name implies. As waste material flows into the container, the first chamber separates the solid from the liquid matter. The aerator in the second chamber works on the liquid by forcing oxygen bubbles and encouraging bacteria to digest waste matter. More treatment processes occur inside the next chamber. Septic tank aeration is the main compartment that allows the system to process about 20 times faster than conventional systems.

Reasons why an aerobic system could be the answer to your problems

Plumber fixing pipes

While the conventional setup is still more popular, it is typical for a plumbing crew to install an aerobic septic system in areas that do not have adequate space for a drainfield. Another reason for choosing the alternative is the presence of soil that does not provide appropriate drainage. If the household keeps experiencing problems with toilet and sewer lines, the problem may already be the inadequacy of the drainfield. This calls for a different approach.

Instead of repeated calls for rejuvenation or repair, it may be more economical to change the system to something more suitable for your location. The installation may incur additional expense, but you must consider long-term benefits at this time.

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