All About Geofencing and Its Use in Our Everyday Lives

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You may not have heard about geofencing, but this kind of technology works alongside us all this time. Geofencing refers to the usage of a Global Positioning System (GPS) or radio frequency identifiers (RFID) in creating a virtual boundary within a specified geographical location. There are also geofencing companies that offer this kind of service to their clients.

How geofencing works

Geofencing has been around for many years. Back then, geofencing systems were only used for specific industries and were the most expensive. It was commonly used for livestock to track cattle in case they stray away from the herd. Geofencing was also used to notify companies when a company vehicle leaves the specific zone it was assigned. Geofencing varies in configuration and applications. Nowadays, it is also used in different sectors, including transportation, corporate, building security, and even in social media. It can be accessed through smartphones and watches, computer software, and other specialized monitoring devices. Such kind of application can ensure safety and pinpoint as accurate a specific location as possible.

Geofencing applications

As mentioned, geofencing has a lot of applications in everyday life. For one, it is being used in monitoring livestock such as cattle. Each cattle will be equipped with a tracking device for easier monitoring in case it strays away from its herd. This system is being used in many livestock owners until now. Aside from that, other applications of geofencing include the following:

Smart home systems

This includes home systems such as automatic locking and unlocking doors, or opening or closing lights automatically. Sounds like a futuristic thing in every house, but this technology already exists in many homes.

Productivity apps

Geofencing can also help you be more productive and avoid forgetting stuff because you are too busy for the day. For example, there are mobile apps available you can use to remind you of a project deadline two weeks from now.

Pet location

In relation to the livestock application, geofencing is also used to help locate missing pets. A lot of pet owners put collars equipped with GPS trackers around their pets’ necks. The owner will be notified in case it strays away from your home, or it gets lost.

Customer targeting

A lot of brands and business owners utilize the use of geofencing to reach their target customers. For example, social media sites such as Facebook have an option wherein you can set your specific demographics and location according to your business objectives. Geofencing is also used to alert customers within a specific location for an upcoming sale or store opening.

Employee monitoring

A lot of companies also use geofencing to monitor their employees when they are on fieldwork. It is also a way to monitor their time-in and logouts after a day’s work. That way, the company will be able to monitor their employees’ productivity and ensure that they deserve the paycheck they get. Geofencing, while not a popular term, actually co-exists with us. It promotes productivity, ensures safety for everyone, and provides peace of mind. It is indeed one of the best technological concepts ever developed.

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