Amid a Pandemic, Here’s How to Continue to Give Back to the Community

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You wash your hands often. You wear masks when you’re outside. You avoid large gatherings. But other than helping to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, how else can you support others in this time of crisis? Today, we list down some simple ways to give back to your community. Because even in the era of social distancing, we still have to connect with our neighbors and offer support to those in need.

Give a symbolic high five at the grocery check-out

One way to help is to make a five-dollar donation at the grocery check-out every time you shop. It can be a small amount, but for others, it can be the difference between leaving or bringing home another item. Ask the cashier to give those five dollars to any shopper who might be short in cash. Partner with the grocery management, and you can even turn this micro-action into a continuous donation program.

Wholesale order up

Before the pandemic, local and family-run produce wholesalers had restaurants as their main customers. But as many restaurants remain closed or run smaller operations, these distributors struggle as well. Help them stay in business by placing wholesale orders. Don’t know what to do with boxes of apples and other produce? Share them with your neighbors or donate them to food banks and other charity groups.

Donate to nonprofit or community outreach

Even as lockdown restrictions have eased up, COVID-19 continues to create new needs. This puts enormous financial pressure on all nonprofit organizations. Be part of the engine that powers these nonprofits by donating a few dollars regularly. If there’s a community food outreach in your area, extend the same support to it. Again, with the new needs brought by the COVID-19, many food banks are struggling. Those local food outreach programs step in, so do as much as you can to help them.

Celebrate for a cause

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Is your birthday coming up? Have you been thinking about how to celebrate your wedding anniversary? Here’s an idea: celebrate for a cause. Have a small gathering or Zoom party and ask attendees to donate to your chosen charity or nonprofit organization rather than give you a gift or treat you to a meal. For birthdays, you can even use Facebook’s birthday donation feature to invite friends to your cause easily.

Offer a free online community class

If you have skills related to fitness, wellness, or the arts, consider offering a free online community class. This isn’t only a good way to share your skills with others but also an excellent venue to interact with your neighbors and friends. At a time of self-isolation, having a group you can turn to is a great thing. Your class might be the only thing that keeps someone going or prevents them from feeling sad and anxious.

Be assured that any support you can offer to groups, organizations, or individuals amid a health and economic crisis is impactful, no matter how big or small your action is. We’ve all been enduring a collective trauma, and it is right that we continuously extend a hand to others in need—whenever we can.

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