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Applying the Whole Person Approach for Higher Employee Productivity

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Digital advances can help employees finish their work. But beyond technology, there is another emerging approach to productivity. Encouraging a “whole human” workplace can help to boost productivity and promote loyalty.

The whole human approach gives a message to an employee that they do not have to maintain two personas. Sometimes, some employees feel that they need to switch between a “home self” and a “work self”. The latter is the mechanical person who comes to the office to fulfill their job description. A “whole human” approach makes an employee feel supported. They feel that their visions and their personal lives matter. Here are some ways to implement this method.

Give Priority to Physical Wellness

An employee who feels sick could not deliver to the best of their capacity. Most employees blame their unending workload as the cause of their health decline. While health insurances are a good incentive, prevention is still better than cure.

Employees do not even have to use up much of their health insurance if they are healthy. Business owners can get professional services to maintain a clean office. When people work in a clean environment, they feel safer. The management can also create programs like onsite fitness programs and cooking classes. These programs tell that one must devote time to care for the body. The availability of healthy food options can help employees achieve physical wellness.

Encourage Amicable Relationships

A person that has a strong support group feels energized. When an employee goes to work feeling disengaged, they do not see the value of their work. If their workplace has a culture of oneness, employees would feel belongingness.

It is important to foster a welcoming atmosphere for all. Your employees may not feel comfortable being best buddies. They may still want to maintain a healthy amount of professionalism. But, it is helpful for them to see each other through the lenses of respect and trust.

You can organize workspaces that encourage collaboration with one another. Also, having some social events for your employees to get to know each other help. When there is an amicable atmosphere in the workplace, everyone will feel relaxed at work.

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Foster Personal Development

Another need for modern-day employees is the feeling that they have growth. Employees have their visions about their careers. They may feel stuck if the company does not support this vision. The management should think of ways to help an employee grow.

Managers could have mentoring programs to help employees reach their potential. The company can also fund activities such as seminars for employees. Some business owners even go as far as giving paid time-offs for employees who want to volunteer.

Be Vigilant About Mental Health

An employee may be healthy in the physical sense, but they might be carrying a heavy mental load. These mental loads come from personal concerns and some unrealistic expectations of work. Company owners must be more aware of how to help employees regain their sense of balance.

Allowing flexible time is one way to help them cope with the demands of their lives. Not being rigid about time can help them go on personal tasks as long as they deliver what their job entails. Also, encourage them to use their leaves. Help them understand that they need to step away from work for some much-needed rest.

Some companies have on-site child care facilities. These companies recognize that parents have the welfare of their children as a priority. Some companies have sponsored training for resilience and burnout issues. Others have dedicated meditation rooms that employees can use when they feel the need for it.

Assist Them in Having Financial Soundness

It is a good thing to give your employees the right amount of compensation. But, a company that upholds the whole human approach will go beyond this. Business owners can also help employees achieve financial soundness.

One of the most notable examples is letting them have a good start with their retirement plans. It does not matter if they are young professionals. A company can instill the value of a solid retirement fund. Other companies offer financial budgeting programs. This teaches employees to be more responsible with their finances and for them to stay out of debt. Some management contributes to the financial well-being of their employees in other ways. They offer a rent deposit scheme or student loans.

Employees must feel that they do not need to put up a defensive “work self” and hide the more vulnerable “home self”. Companies that practice the whole human approach show that they care for employees. When the employees feel this genuine concern, they perform better.

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