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Audi Maintenance: Yay or Nay

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Audi is a well-known German automaker that has a good reputation in terms of capability and performance. Like other brands such as Lexus, BMW, and Mercedes, their models are commonly known among daily drivers. It is because a lot of consumers assume that their construction and design quality doesn’t disappoint.

While there’s no lie in that, Audi — like any other car — is still prone to unexpected mechanical or performance issues. Moreover, just because they’re luxurious doesn’t mean that they don’t need maintenance to stay in excellent driving condition. This being said, if you own an Audi, you must expect to allocate some expenses solely for repairs and maintenance throughout the lifespan of your car.

With that, before you head to your Audi service centre, here are a few of the most common maintenance and service repairs you need to know to keep your expenses low.

Routine Maintenance

A well-maintained car can last longer without major issues. Accordingly, an automobile like Audi doesn’t take a lot of visits to a service centre since little issues are easy to resolve in your own garage. Generally, what’s important is to maintain a routine service schedule, particularly for parts that wear out easily and more quickly than others.

Here are some typical maintenance tasks that should be done:

  • Oil Changes: Change your engine oil every 5,000 to 10,000 miles.
  • Brakes: Brake discs and pads are common to wear out, thus it is a must to have them checked or replaced as needed.
  • Tires: Tires experience wear and tear. Rotating your tires to different spots is helpful, but a replacement will be needed eventually.
  • Battery Check: To avoid a dead battery situation, it’s vital to check the charge occasionally. In general, batteries can last up to three years, and usability can be prolonged through recharging.

Maintenance Costs

While Audi boasts its high-quality production and design, there’s a catch. When it comes to repairs and maintenance, it’s not that user-friendly, and not to mention cost-effective. In fact, Audi is one of the most expensive car brands to maintain.

With a total of $12,400 per 10 years, the cost is indeed high compared to more affordable brands like Ford, Toyota, and Honda that has maintenance expenses that amount to an average of $5,500, $9,100, and $7,200, respectively, over a 10-year period. With these numbers alone, it’s easy to tell that Audi is indeed a luxurious brand.

To give you a sample breakdown, here are some of the common services and their accompanying costs:

  • Oil Change: $50 to $90
  • Brake Pads: $70 to $400
  • Tires (per piece): $150 to $350 (depending on the brand and size)
  • Battery Replacement: $300

Common Issues

Regular maintenance

Audi is a brand that has already established a certain level of credibility and respect in the automotive industry. However, in reality, all cars have issues, particularly as they age. Over time, problems like the following may begin to develop:

  • Engine Light Issues
  • Electronic Failures
  • Oil Leakage
  • ABS Light Issues
  • Air-conditioning problems

Not all models may experience the same issues, so the specific problems your vehicle may face will depend on its design and driving history.

The Takeaway

Like other cars, new Audis are often much easier to maintain. When an Audi is already used, it’s harder to determine the condition of its parts. In addition, it’s common to replace components such as spark plugs and timing belts over time. With all these being said, it’s indispensable to start developing and adhering to a routine maintenance schedule with an Audi from the get-go. This will save you from costly repairs in the future.

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