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Automobiles: The Fading Art of Custom Fabrication

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In the industry of custom-built and muscle cars, there is no shortage of top-class artistry and craftsmanship. From personalized build designs to head-turning paint jobs, incorporating complex metal designs and changing the whole face of your car become an exciting venture for every car enthusiast.

However, many of these top-notch craftsmanship and artistry are somehow losing its limelight in the industry due to the advancement in technology. This is especially true since automobile companies are now investing and preparing to shift to the production of smart cars.

In this article, we will discuss some fading arts of the automotive world and give the car artists applause for a job well done.

The Art of Pinstriping

If you’re not familiar with it, pinstriping is the thin application of paint using a special tape onto a flat exterior to improve that object’s lines or create a self-supporting decoration. But, little did we know that the art of pinstriping has existed since the time of the early civilizations. In fact, it appeared to had been popular amongst the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and tribal cultures of the South Pacific.

While it’s safe to assume that it was a form of “decorative line art,” back then it was considered something more. It was a cultural and customary tradition of establishing ownership on something they acquired. In simpler terms, it was their way to show possession over items they own.

Moving on to the age of industrialization, pinstriping became a hit in the market. With that, the industry of car art boomed and gained popularity, paving the way to the creation of outstanding designs for automobiles. As time progressed and advancements in technology continued to grow, people somehow lost their interest in art cars with flashy designs and opted instead for functionality and simplicity.

The Sophisticated Details of Bead Rolling

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Bead rolling is an amazing example of a process that turns something simple to beautiful. Artists often use bead roller machines to add deep complicated lines onto sheets of metal to strengthen them. The beads toughen the surface and make it more durable, thus preventing vibration and warping. The exciting part is that there is no set of designs or standard look for bead rolling. Therefore, any desired design is possible. This allows the artist to level up the customization and add coolness to a car.

Traditionally, most Baileigh bead rollers that are for sale are commonly seen in sheet metal fabrication shops. They come in many shapes and sizes, which is why it can create intricate bends and ridges in the steel as needed. This can be done and achieved with either a high-end electric powered or a manual one that simply locks into a working bench.

It has a rod on one end that rotates the other crank on the opposite end, which in turn, beads the steel. A piece of equipment like this is a great tool if you want your vehicle to be saved from rusting and degradation. Bead rolling is a faculty of both the arts and the trade. From original styling to functional repair work, it has the ability to easily combine both worlds together.

As observed, modern consumers shifted for muscle, big engines, and technology aided in creating custom-made designs. However, if there are still people who constantly wait for something trendy and unique, it’s not too late to hope that the fading industry of car art will gain commercial popularity again.

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