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Building Your Car to Perform Better Than the Rest

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There will always be a need for competition. It helps bring out the best out of us. In some instances, you do not even need to find another person to be competitive. You only need to look at the mirror and be competitive with your own self. That may be the case for people that want to improve themselves, and it is different when it comes to cars.

Drivers always want their cars to be fast. They may install parts and upgrades to be faster than before. But the real test in the minds of these drivers is to be faster than the rest. Racing on a public road is illegal and will get you into serious trouble. But there is nothing wrong with racing on a private track. There, you, your friends, and everybody else can race to see who has the faster car and who the better driver is.

Your stock car will not perform as well as the rest of the cars in the racetrack. Nothing is exciting and jaw-dropping with a stock car’s normal specs. Its design and purpose are to be a regular commuter car on the road. So it should come as no surprise that your car will be slower and will underperform. But, with a little tinkering, there is a way to help improve your car’s performance.

The Need for Speed

If you want your car to be better than the rest of the competition, you need to upgrade some of its upgrades – and fast.

You will need to start with the engine upgrades. And what better way to make your car go fast than by installing a supercharger or turbocharger? This helps improve the airflow in the engine and allows for a better fuel mixture. This would then help produce more power.

And on the cooler side of things, a cold air intake kit allows the car to run more with more efficiency. It takes the same concept of a supercharger but alters it in its own way. With a supercharger, the air pressure would be hot and can take a toll on the engine’s efficiency. The cold air intake blasts cool air instead – regulating the engine temperature.

These are the easiest engine upgrades that you can install for your car. And the best part is, these are not brand or model specific. You can find parts for a Porsche here in NZ or a simple sedan near your home.

Bolt-on Car Upgrades

Driving in the curve

Bolt-on means that its installation will be easy and is accomplishable by anyone. You do not need a degree in engineering for this one. But, you still need to get the right part for your model, though.

When it comes to this type of upgrade, it can be cheaper compared to the engine parts.

But, once you have all that power underneath the hood, you will need new tires to help grip the road you are on. Tires with a wider diameter and width should help improve handling. And while you are on the market for tires, why not look for a suspension setup upgrade as well?

When paired with new tires, you will stay in contact with the road better and take bumps and corners with ease.

Once you have all your upgrades installed, the next step is to bring to the track to try them out. Remember that it may look like you are driving the same car, but underneath, it is a whole different story. Ease into your drive and as you get to know your “new” car better, try and push it to its new limits.

And then, your car may now be better than the rest.

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