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Business Intelligence Tools: What Are the Best Ones to Note?

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For business owners to make better-informed decisions, they need to base their decisions on real evidence. By collecting, standardizing, and analyzing that particular information, a business can better understand their clients, forecast revenue growth accurately, and avoid falling into a business pitfall—and the best way to achieve these is by getting business intelligence (BI) tools.

BI tools use a set of technologies and methodologies, preparing, presenting, and analyzing crucial data, allowing business owners to turn them into actionable business information—helping them make better-informed and efficient data-driven decisions. These traditionally take the form of annual or quarterly reports.

However, thanks to the modernization of legacy applications, today’s software-backed business intelligence tools are at their best performance possible, providing regular updates and more efficient processes.

That said, here are the best business intelligence tools.


Sisense is a BI tool seeking to simplify data analysis complexities by incorporating IoT, machine learning, and AI functions into their platform application. The BI tool is used by some of the world’s biggest companies, ranging from NBC to Philips, making it a top-tier product. It comes with several practical functions, such as the ability to embed white label analytics alongside customizations and cached data, allowing you to analyze data across your business.

Sisense can run in the cloud and on-premises, making it a flexible tool for most business owners.


Datapine is a comprehensive BI tool facilitating the complicated processes of data analytics, making the process easy even for those who aren’t tech-savvy. The platform’s solution allows data analysts and business users to integrate various data sources thanks to its all-in-one self-service analytics approach. Plus, it lets users perform complex data analysis and create interactive business dashboards—allowing them to create actionable business insights with ease.

Yellowfin BI

Yellowfin BI doubles as an ‘end-to-end’ analytics platform, combining the functions of convenient visualization, machine learning, and seamless collaboration. Any user can filter through numerous data with its intuitive filtering function and easy-to-use open up dashboards just about anywhere.

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Qlik Sense

The renowned BI tool ‘Qlik Sense’ from tech company Qlik is one of the best BI applications in the market, allowing you to use it from any device whenever and wherever. The application’s user interface is optimized for touchscreen use, making it both desktop- and mobile-friendly, making it a popular BI tool option for many. It comes with a unique function known as ‘QlikView,’ enabling users to add their experience to the data using snapshots and highlight, helping them make the right analysis and decisions.

Tableau Desktop

The Tableau Desktop BI tool does more than making charts as it shows users live visual analytics with a slicker interface and convenient ‘drag and drop’ features, allowing you to spot trends in the data with ease. It features a lengthy list of supported data sources, ranging from Microsoft Excel to PDF files. The application also lets users enjoy the function of connecting with most types of databases alongside a broad range of data blending options.


This BI tool offers robust and fast dashboarding or data analytics, helping you monitor trends, recognize opportunities, and improve overall productivity—leading to more successful and fluid operations. The application allows you to connect to one or different sources, whether the incoming data is from an excel spreadsheet or cloud-based data software. Plus, it’s accessible from desktop or mobile means.

Zoho Analytics

This application offers in-depth reporting and data analysis, offering features like automatic data syncing, allowing business owners to schedule different analysis sessions periodically. You can build a connector by using the integration of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Plus, thanks to its easy-to-use built-in editor, you can blend and merge data from several sources, creating personalized and detailed reports alongside dashboards that let you zoom into crucial details.

Microsoft Power BI

The Microsoft Power BI is a complete web-based portal approach, making it more convenient for business owners and employees to keep track of crucial information. However, they also offer downloadable software, allowing you to run analytics in the cloud and reporting servers. It enables business owners to connect hundreds of data sources, ranging from Microsoft applications to other sources like ones from social media platforms and search engines like Oracle, preparing data for subsequent analysis on the fly, and creating detailed reports in minutes.

Business intelligence tools are versatile, providing business owners with plenty of useful information regarding their performance and where it’s headed—allowing them to make any necessary changes or adjustments for continuous growth and profit. The BI tools mentioned are some of the best in the market, enabling long-term growth and success.

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