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Marketing Forensics: a Look at Colgate’s Robust Marketing Strategy

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Colgate is one of the biggest brands in the world, with a presence in more than 200 countries. If you’re reading this article, there is a big chance that you know about this particular brand. You’ve probably have seen its advertisements all over the internet. You’re also probably using a couple of its products. Colgate is a significant brand in the industry to the point that some experts believe that it’s monopolizing the toothpaste industry. However, this isn’t the case. Colgate is just good in what it does and what it does best is marketing.


The iconic logo and brand of Colgate are distinguishable from the rest of the competition. Much like Coca-Cola, Colgate’s logo is bold, red, and unique. You’re not going to see the same logo being used by other competitors out there. There might be some competitors who have done the same design but with very little success. This is because by copying Colgate’s brand and logo, they are further promoting the company.

One of the key factors that Colgate has is that it’s a product needed worldwide. Oral hygiene is important, and billions of people buy billions of toothpaste every day, and Colgate has a big share in these sales simply because of their distinguishable packaging. Its bright red packaging and iconic font make consumers identify the brand from its competition.

Its distinct identity makes it the first product that consumers grab from the shelf. You already know it’s toothpaste when you see it. There really is no need to second-guess it unless you’re on a budget. Colgate is actually quite expensive when compared to other brands in the market. But the question is, do consumers really take a gamble on cheaper brands? The answer to that is no. Consumers are more likely to pick a brand that has distinguished itself as the best in the market.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

When it comes to the internet, Colgate has cemented itself as the king of content marketing. If you visit Colgate’s website, they have content for all kinds of oral health information. They are even more famous than professional blogs on the field. This is because Colgate holds content writing as an essential practice to their content marketing strategy.

Look for any oral problems you might have, and there is a huge chance you’re going to see Colgate on the front page of your search. Sometimes, it’s even the very first article you can see. It has hundreds of articles on oral hygiene, health, and diseases. It has thousands of guest writers, with some are professionals writing for the company. When you’re looking or searching for anything related to oral health on the internet, you’re going to see Colgate on top of it.

Innovative Campaigns

Another big aspect of Colgate’s marketing is its innovative campaigns. One of the more recent campaigns it has launched is a wide array of photos with people that have something on their teeth. Many of the audience considered this humorous and were captivated by the visual campaign when they saw the pictures.

Many of Colgate’s innovative campaigns center on humor as a way to captivate their audience. These campaigns also vary in their form. Colgate never ceases to amaze its audience when it comes to the creativity of its marketing.

Implementation of These Strategies into Your Company

Let’s be honest here. You’re never going to have the same budget for marketing that Colgate has. It’s just never going to happen. However, you can learn from some of its strategies and implement them in your company the best way you can. The easiest strategy to implement, and one of the cheapest, is content marketing.

You can do content marketing in your field, and you can be the best at it. Much like Colgate, you can start blogging about things in your industry. You can start with anything that crosses your mind. You can also write down a wide array of topics you want to cover in your company’s blogs. This may include frequently asked questions by consumers in your industry. This will help you become the front page of your industry, and whenever a consumer is looking for a particular answer to a question in your industry, they’ll go right into your website for the answer.

Colgate has placed itself as one of the best brands in the industry. It has a staggering 41% share of the entire market, and the closest competitor has only reached 15%. This shows how effective Colgate’s marketing strategy really is and how it has dominated the market for many years. By analyzing its marketing strategy, you can start implementing it into your business and eventually succeed in your industry.

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