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Colors and Behavior: Learn Why Colors Matter When You’re Designing Your Site

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Colors have more impact on us than you could imagine. When you see a rainbow, it’s quite difficult not to feel a sense of awe even though you’ve seen many others before. When you check out a painting in a museum, you could feel something welling up inside of you that wants to come out like a feeling of sadness, happiness, or even anger.

But, why do we feel that way when we see images in the sky or canvasses? It’s because, aside from rainbows being pretty and paintings being works of art, colors can stir your emotions. Color can affect the way we feel. So, you should consider that when you hire an expert on custom web design services to work on your website.

Psychology of colors

Although more and more people are attesting to the ability of colors to affect behavior, there is no existing scientific proof that any color can directly change a person’s moods. But, that doesn’t stop people from sharing their reactions upon seeing a particular color.

It is the notion that many people in the field of advertising and marketing are carefully considering the colors they want to use in their promotional items. For example, the color red has long been used to denote urgency, which is why when most stores are offering a discount on their items they always put a red “SALE” sign in front of their shop.

So, here are what colors are said to evoke a certain reaction in people:

  • Black – power, mourning, menacing, elegance

Depending on how you use it, black symbolizes power and elegance. So, if you want your product to come out on top and be seen as something that exudes wealth and power, then color it black.

  • Red – passion, warmth, comfort, anger, excitement

As mentioned earlier, red denotes urgency, so if you want people to take notice of your website right away, you should have red as your dominant color. Also, red is the first color you see in the spectrum, which means that it is the color that is most visible. So, it’s also why stores put up “SALE” signs in red because people can see it from a long distance.

  • Orange – excitement, enthusiasm, warmth

Orange is a lot like the color red in a way that they both symbolize excitement and enthusiasm. It’s the reason why marketers and advertisers use this color to grab people’s attention. The difference with orange is that it’s a lot warmer than the color red.

Orange is associated with autumn because of the look of dry leaves. And when you think about autumn, the image it often conveys is the image of a family gathering together in their house. It also conveys the image of kids playing on top of a pile of leaves and warm sunsets.

So, all in all, the color orange has many positive feelings that could affect a person’s mood.

  • Yellow – excitement, cheerfulness, warmth, frustration

Yellow can also evoke feelings of excitement and warmth in people because of its association with the sun. But, according to some experts, it can also evoke feelings of frustration. On top of that, some experts say prolonged exposure to this color from a computer monitor can strain the eyes.

  • Green – optimistic, relieving, healthy, placid

green leaves

Green is often associated with nature because we often associate trees and plants with nature, which are often green. So, by using green, you’re trying to evoke feelings of peacefulness and optimism.

  • Blue – serenity, conservative, sadness

Blue is often associated with feelings of sadness, and it even gave birth to a popular genre of music. But, used wisely, it can also evoke feelings of elegance, stability, and optimism. In fact, some experts say that people who work in a blue room are more productive compared to working with other colors.

So, the color blue can evoke various emotions, depending on how you use it.

  • White – purity, cleanliness, cold

White is often associated with cleanliness and purity. If you’re advertising a product and perfection is the theme you’re aiming for, then you should use this color.

Colors can be useful if you want your customers to feel a certain way when they see your products. Colors evoke a certain emotion in some people. So, take note of this and try to use colors as your tool in reaching out to your customers.

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