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Create and Maintain Verdant Lawns

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A property with well-kept grounds has a commanding presence that gels well with any tenant. Gleaning from modern landscaping services in Baton Rouge, swathes of lush green grass lend peace and tranquility to your property.

It helps your property stand out in the concrete jungle that is the modern environment. If you want to harness the benefits that come with having such grounds, you need to get it right from the get-go.

Pick the Grasses Right

The type of grass turf on your grounds hold a considerable amount of influence on your success rate. That means you need to match the grass to the local climatic region. Ideally, lawn grasses fall into two broad categories: warm and cool season grasses. The grass-growing areas are also broadly grouped into three: northern, southern and transition zones, all of which have different climatic conditions.

These three zones are further broken into seven grass-growing regions to let you pick the best grass species. You’re better off going with more detailed classification when establishing a lawn. That way, you can choose the grass variety that suits your local climatic condition.

That’s what gives you a thickly layered garden with luxuriant growth all year round. Naturally, you’ll get better results with perennial grasses as they require infrequent replacement or do-over.

Test the Soil

Naturally, your lawns depend on the land having the right mix of nutrients to thrive. Therefore, you need to be sure the soil in your ground is up to this specific task. Carrying out a soil test gives you insights into the available nutrients in the land as well as their amounts.

You correct any nutrient deficiencies and improve the soil pH and ensure that the grass grows and thrives. That keeps you from spending a fortune creating a lawn only to get dismal results. Lush green gardens create a calm and appealing environment around any commercial facility, much to the delight of the people in its vicinity.

Best of all with the right approach, you can keep the ground looking resplendent all year round without too much trouble. Retaining the services of a credible landscaping company can help you get the best from your lawns.

Keep Them Well Manicured

Lawn maintenance

Neglect is the fastest way to ruin your now beautiful green lawns. As with any plant, your grounds need a little TLC to ward off a myriad of pestilence and diseases. That means you have to go beyond the periodic trim to keep in great shape. For starters, you need to trim the turf grass to an optimum height as to ensure optimum growth. Disregard the common myths that revolve around cutting your grass low.

Cutting the grass too low increases the likelihood of drying up and interferes with root development. Ideally, you shouldn’t cut more than 1/3 of the leaf blade with each trim. What’s more, each grass species has an ideal cutting length for optimum growth.

You also need to keep your lawn watered while taking care not to waterlog it. That means watering deeply but infrequently. Deep watering prevents the leaching of soil nutrients and allows the development of an extensive rooting system.

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