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Create Killer Evergreen Content with These Topic Ideas

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Just as the evergreen tree symbolises perpetual life, evergreen content marketing utilises techniques and ideas that are sustainable and will last for a long time. Evergreen articles transcend the latest buzz and provide enduring expertise that online users can go back to again and again. They discuss topics that will stay valuable and relevant, with only minor updates to the dates and data.

However, for some marketers, finding evergreen topics to write about can be challenging. If you’re struggling, here are ideas and inspirations for evergreen topics you can write about.

How-to guides

‘How to’ is one of the most common questions that people ask on Google. No matter how much an industry evolves, this questions remains fundamentally important for anyone starting out. This gives you a great opportunity to create evergreen content that provides solutions to people’s problems.

When thinking of topics for your guides, make sure that they’re relevant to your industry. For instance, if you’re in the SEO industry, you can write an article on how to create XML sitemaps for greater search visibility. Break down the process into simple, easy and actionable steps as your ideal visitors are those who need an introduction to the specific topic.


People are always looking for valuable insight from industry professionals. ; If you have connections with industry experts, interviews make for excellent evergreen content and generate plenty of traffic.

For instance, you can offer a look into the personal life of the CEO of a highly-respected SEO agency in London, or discover the secrets to their success. People will live vicariously through your content and your traffic will go up further if they choose to share the interview on various social media platforms.

Product reviews

Product reviews are popular ideas for evergreen content as they offer a great way for you to share your industry insight. They help you establish authority within your niche, especially if your product reviews become influential. As time goes by, consumers will come to rely on your reviews before making a purchase. You can leverage that trust to market your own products or services in the future.

You can also create a round-up of various user reviews and testimonials and identify the main pros and cons as well as unique selling points. To keep them evergreen, update the articles regularly to add value to the content.


Sometimes, when people are working on ambitious projects, it can be difficult to remember everything that they need to do. Checklists are invaluable tools that help people cover all their bases and do things in the proper order. They help people fully understand a process, and they’re also handy reference materials that people can go back to again and again.

The History of Something

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When something hits the headlines, people often wonder where it came from and how it became famous. Providing the history of an invention, a product or even an entire topic area is a great way to generate traffic. Plus, since you’re writing about the history of a specific subject, it’s automatically evergreen as history is unlikely to change.

If you spend plenty of time chasing after trendy ideas for your blog, you overlook the core topics in your industry that can be rewarding in the long run. By creating evergreen articles that speak to your target audience, you have invaluable tools in your arsenal that will strengthen your content strategy.

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