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Digital Tools for Businesses to Improve Marketing Productivity

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Every business needs a marketing campaign for continuous growth and sales. In fact, on average, mid to large enterprises spend over $900 million over what only was necessary for their campaigns, indicating the most brands need to revamp their strategies to make them more efficient. Whether you’ve recently launched your startup or have been in the industry for years—any brand can benefit from quality digital marketing tools that can make operations more productive and efficient.

With that in mind, here are the best digital tools that can help you market your business more efficiently, promoting productivity and efficiency.

Google Analytics

No marketing campaigns are complete without a thorough analysis of their performance, and one of the best digital tools that can help you keep track of progress is Google analytics. This free tool can add your data collection by gathering information about the customers that visit your website and social media platforms. So, even if you’re working with a third-party social media marketing company, you’ll be able to monitor your progress in your different social media profiles in real-time.

Google Drive

Google Drive is slowly gaining traction among businesses of different scales since it essentially offers unlimited storage for free, as long as you have a Gmail account. It’s the perfect digital tool for online collaboration and storage, enabling business owners to organize files, store documents, and share archives with customers and other team members. This free digital tool is easy to use and offers excellent editing and privacy capabilities, making it perfect for storing and sharing your marketing content.


HubSpot is an all-around full-stack growth digital tool that includes marketing, sales, and customer service functions, improving all business facets. With this software, business owners can have everything they need to grow their brand and boost conversation rates. Initially, several of HubSpot’s products are free, allowing you to create lead capture forms, share kickback emails, and get an overview of business analytics.

However, if you pay for HubSpot’s subscription services, you can track emails and communicate with website visitors in real-time. The best part is, the digital tool lets you create a help desk and ticketing system, allowing you to stay engaged and updated with your customers. Finally, if you’re using other digital tools, you can likely integrate them into HubSpot, making it the ultimate marketing productivity tool.


Trello is a collaborative software that lets business owners create and share ideas across with their team members across different branches. The digital tool mostly operates as a content planner, allowing you to make notecards for marketing campaigns—and on each one, users can take notes, record instructions, and add any necessary updates. In essence, Trello is a comprehensive digital tool perfect for content strategists looking to streamline their campaigns by making it easier for those involved to communicate updates and ideas.


mailchimp concept
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No marketing campaign is complete without email marketing, and automating this aspect can save businesses plenty of time while continuously engaging with customers. MailChimp is a famous email marketing tool offering several vital features, including tracking website traffic, providing pre-made templates, overall campaign design, software integration, and affordable tier prices. It automates emails, making email marketing campaigns a breeze.

MailChimp is relatively easy to use and perfect for upcoming small businesses as it offers free use of its features for a set period for startups.


A crucial aspect of marketing is the functionality and appeal of your website and content. If you’re looking to cut back on costs by designing your websites, Canva is the digital tool you need. This app makes it easy for beginners to create websites and other visual content, thanks to its convenient drag-and-drop features. It allows you to make charts, graphs, logos, and presentations with customized fonts available in Canva. Plus, it has millions of images in its library, giving you unlimited access. In essence, Canva ensures your marketing campaign looks and stays appealing as possible.


Social media has become a crucial part of most modern businesses’ marketing campaigns, and efficiently managing these are crucial to any brand’s success. The best digital tool for this is Hootsuite. It helps you manage your business by giving you access to all your social media profiles in a single place—saving you time and maximizing your social media marketing strategy efficiency.

Having a successful marketing campaign for your business is crucial for sustained growth. However, you’ll only experience ‘real’ success when you keep operations going and your sales rising—and the digital tools mentioned can streamline that process for you, ensuring optimal marketing productivity and long-term success.

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