Effective Tactics for Boosting Employee Productivity

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Sometimes there is just a lot of work to do, that eight hours at the office is not enough. This is why employers need to look for ways to make employees work more efficiently and boost their overall productivity. The good news is there is no need to spend more hours at work. Thanks to technology and research, there are now more practical and efficient ways of boosting a team’s performance. Here are some of them:

Use a Timer

One way to effectively manage and boost productivity is by setting a timer when working on a task. This will help you spot tasks that take a lot of your time and figure an approach that can help you work efficiently. A conscious effort in doing so will allow you to manage day-to-day tasks and get more done in a day.

Limit or Eliminate Meetings

One thing that can consume hours in a day are meetings, and more often than not, the topics discussed in meetings can be sent in an email. According to research, employees spend an average of 31 unproductive hours a month or approximately 372 hours a year in meetings. If there is a need to meet with your team, prepare a plan and time limit of about 30 minutes. Then stick to it. Or email the team discussing essential topics with bullet points, which can only take approximately two to five minutes to read and be rechecked later, making it far more efficient than meetings.


Implement Automation and Robotics

It is the age of technology and a time when businesses can easily integrate automation and robotics in their day to day activities. Collaborative robots are engineered for safety and productivity and can also work alongside humans, making them an efficient tool in boosting a company’s output. Whether you are in the medical, industrial, sales, or any other field, incorporating automation and robotics is possible. Robots can be designed to perform specific tasks, from greeting customers to dispensing proper medication to assembling a vehicle. There is no need to worry about miscalculations and distractions, as robots are programmed to deliver perfection consistently.

Let Employees Listen to Music

Notice how most people who workout listen to music or how much faster you can finish a chore when listening to music? Studies show two out of five employees feel they get more work done when listening to music. In the age of music streaming and apps, headphones and smartphones have become necessary among the younger working class. Meanwhile, listening to music while jogging or working out is known to boost confidence and the quality of exercises performed. However, various types of music can have varying effects on the listener. Some feel more productive when listening to classical music, and some like listening to upbeat music while working.

If you have been thinking about improving your team’s overall productivity and output, the above will significantly help in doing so. Communicate the changes with employees and check improvements in one to three months upon launch.

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