Five Simple Ways to Keep Your Child Engaged in Learning

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For parents, it is important that their children get to enjoy studying. However, with all the distractions present both at school and at home, it can be tricky to keep them motivated. It is not just the teacher’s duty to keep their students engaged. It is also our role to find ways to help our children succeed in school.

With schools nowadays having high learning standards, some students have a hard time keeping up. What can parents do to help your child stay interested, engaged, and motivated to learn?

Consider hiring a tutor

If your child is having a hard time at one or a few of their subjects, consider hiring a tutor to help them out. For instance, a JC math tutor can help them understand their math lessons better. Talk to your child and tell them about your plans on hiring one. Discussing the advantages of having a tutor is essential. This way, they will understand what your intentions are and that you want only what’s best for them.

Create a dedicated space for studying

Some of us believe that as long as a child has a comfortable place to sit and write on, that is already enough. But your home is a place with tons of distractions. Loud noises, gadgets, and people can take your child’s focus away from their studies. Make sure to minimise the noise and people coming in and out of their study area. Allow them to decorate the place according to their taste, but make sure that it is still feasible for study.

Establish a simple study routine

Your child must get accustomed to studying at a specific time of day. By having a good study routine, they will know what to expect when study time marks the clock. You’ll find it easier to convince them to stop playing or from doing other things during the times you’ve set for learning.

Attend activities at school

Children long for their parents to make an effort to attend school activities. It doesn’t matter if it is a simple parents-teachers conference or other activities such as sports events and family days. Your presence is enough to motivate them to do their best in school. Make it a point to find time to attend school activities. You get to bond with your child and support them when they are part of any school activity. You can also use this opportunity to talk to their teachers and ask them what you can do to support their learning.

Father reading book with children

Reward hard work and celebrate their success

One doesn’t need to give their child expensive gifts to motivate them to do a better job in school. Even simple acts of praise can be enough. Make sure to praise progress and hard work. Celebrate your child’s success and be their biggest fan. If they fail to get a high grade, never discriminate. Instead, encourage them to do a better job next time. Don’t let them feel like they have disappointed you, but rather be their motivator.

Parents are not only responsible for paying for their children’s tuition. We also need to help them meet the standards required by their school. If you don’t know where to start, let this simple list be your guide. With your own little ways, you can help keep your child engaged in learning and increase their chances of succeeding in school.

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