From The Kindness of a Local Sign Company

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Do you ever wonder how your business can give back to the community you operate in? The YouTube video explores how a local sign company helped other companies do business by offering free signs and banners to notify customers that they were open. It is both corporate responsibility and strategic marketing.

Like the local sign company, any company can make a difference in their community if it’s within their ability. This particular company decided to help other companies in the neighborhood during the height of COVID-19.

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This strategy saw the economy in their area slowly come back to life while ensuring they helped each other remain positive.

It strategically brought media attention to the sign company and promoted its business and services. It showed that the company cared about its community and other businesses in the area. Each company has a corporate responsibility to maintain the area where they operate, but this company went above and beyond! It’s an excellent example of how to give back to boost business.

Organizations who reach out and do their part for the community demonstrate that they are ethical, reliable, trustworthy, and caring. Customers are more likely to do business with companies that have these qualities. Finally, it helps uplift the community and drives the economy forward.


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