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Great Tips on Making Your Move Smooth and Easy

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So you got a new job out of town, and you are super excited. It is everything you ever wanted — a new job in the very town that you have always wanted to live in. But, amidst all that excitement, there is the thought of moving houses that is bothering you.

Well, why not. Moving is never an easy thing. In this article, you will get amazing tips to make your move easier and quicker.

1. Figure out how you will move

First off, you will need to figure out if you will hire a moving company, and if so, will they handle the packing and unpacking. If you have fewer items, you might consider doing the packing and transportation yourself.

Also, you can consider a truck hire service in NZ just to transport your stuff, but do everything else yourself. That is, of course, cheaper than hiring a moving company.

2. Start packing early

Avoid the tendency of doing things the last minute. Yes, it is overwhelming, and you probably do not know where to start from, but the earlier, the better. You will have less stress to deal with on

the moving day. You can even start a month earlier for things that you do not use often.

Pack a thing or two every day and only reserve the last day for your everyday items. Things that will go last are, of course, the essentials which you should pack in a separate box labeled “essentials.”

This may include toiletries, a pair of changing clothes, bulbs, cleaning supplies and the likes. Basically, items that you will need that very first night.

3. Label everything

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This is a no brainer really, but well, it should be mentioned for those who have no clue how depressing it is to scramble through items just to get your toothbrush. Remember that it might take you days or even weeks to unpack everything and chances are, you will start unpacking the essentials first.

It will be easy to know where you kept certain items only if you had labeled them in the first place. Label the boxes on the side so that it is visible even when they are stacked on each other.

4. Take an inventory of every item

This is important and especially if you are using a moving company. You do not want your precious items lost in unclear circumstances. The perfect way to do this is to list items according to the boxes they will go to.

For instance, in the utensils box, you will list all the items in that box then move to the next box and do the same. This way, when you are unpacking, you can tick off from the list as you unpack and store each item. It’s more organized this way.

To make your moving as easy and as quick as possible, you need to really plan ahead. The unpacking will also be easy and fast enough since you know where everything is. And, do not forget to change your address.

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