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Grow Your New Business Working Out Of Co-Shared Offices

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Moving into a co-sharing space lets you have the best of both worlds when starting a business. You get to access a professional office space without incurring the huge costs associated with renting one.

Modern technology is lowering the entry barrier into the business world. You don’t need a boatload of cash to turn your idea into a business. You launch operations from the comfort of your home to lower your overheads. Instead of splurging a fortune on office space, you can put the money to better use growing your business.

As the business peaks up, you can move to a shared office space in Singapore to break the monotony of working from home. Such spaces are quite popular with millennials, and it offers you a chance to network with other like-minded people.

Increased productivity

Studies have found that people working in coworking spaces are more productive and happier about their work. Unlike the traditional office setting where you’re surrounded by colleagues, these spaces have people drawn from different sectors and ventures. You won’t have to assume a work persona to fit in with them.

Instead, you work towards building a strong work identity when working with people working on different kinds of projects. There’s little in the way of competition, and the absence of office politics gives a laidback touch and feel. It leaves you to focus on more important matters such as growing your business.

If you have a specific skill set, you might be called upon to help out some of the people in the space. That might translate into some additional income or turn into a profitable collaboration in the future. Again, you can have access to mentors and who can help you avoid costly mistakes and reduce your learning curve.

Greater control

team having a meetingCo-sharing workspaces are accessible around the clock, giving you a free hand in picking your office hours. That means you can pop in when you’re feeling productive and pop out for a refreshing session at the gym in the afternoon. You get to plan your entire day around your productive hours which lets you enjoy your work more.

You also have the freedom to pick a kind of space you want to work in. You can pick a quiet space when you need to focus or a move to a collaborative area that encourages interaction. Interacting with other people in such a space helps to cultivate the necessary discipline and build motivational structures.

Working out of such spaces lets you achieve the delicate work-life balance that’s not possible in a traditional setting. For instance, you can pick a location that’s near your kids’ school to save on time and reduce commute. You can drop your kids in the morning, put in work during the day then pick them in the evening.  You get to realise your entrepreneurial dream without neglecting your family in the process.

It’s only natural for new companies to seek out creative ways to keep their overhead costs low without compromising productivity. Moving into a co-sharing space lets you achieve both of these objectives. You can access a professional working space where you can do your private work or brainstorm with your team. You also get to meet and interact with like-minded individuals who can help you achieve your business goals quicker.

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