Have an Edge in the E-commerce Field

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Online businesses are growing by leaps and bounds. Easy access to the Internet makes these ventures possible. But like their physical counterparts, only the best online businesses thrive. What factors give these businesses an edge against their competitors? What factors encourage customer satisfaction and loyalty?

Responsiveness and Quick Shipment

In online retail, the interaction between the merchant and customer is not in real time. Thus, people value quick responses to any inquiry they have about the product. Also, customers prefer a quick delivery time. For this, a reliable logistics service provider is a merchant’s best solution.

The promptness of the delivery should match the fast-paced lifestyle of people nowadays. Why will they wait for a long time if they can get it instantly from a physical store or if they can have it online through another store?

Responsiveness should not be contained in an inquiry only. Good communication with regard to the status of the shipping is important, too. The customer should be able to track their order and see its progress. This will give them a sense of security.

Accuracy and Quality

Feedback in online retail happens when the product reaches the customer. Accuracy in getting the correct product is important. Imagine the repulsion of a customer who receives a frying pan when she has ordered a cute night lamp? Some products look different on the website. If these things happen, the purpose of online shopping (which is convenience) is defeated.

Quality is another factor that a merchant should be mindful of. The product should survive the humps and bumps of the shipping process. A minor chip could spell disaster for the feedback.


Damage Control

If wrong shipping is made or there is damage found in a product, customers value merchants that care. An offer of a replacement or a discount is a good move. It goes beyond marketing strategies, but it shows empathy. This extra effort will go a long way in a customer’s memory. Owning up to your mistakes is good for the reputation of your business.

Comprehensive Website or Business Page

A website that contains all the pertinent details of products is like heaven to an online shopper. It makes the process of selection easy and enjoyable. Virtual window shopping can also attract actual sales. This happens when a customer sees another product and is convinced of its specifications.

Websites and business pages should be easy to navigate. They must include clear categories, actual and high-resolution pictures of products, and their prices. Think of it in a way that the details are so thorough that the only thing left for the customer to do is to click “add to cart.” There are still many features that a good website must have.

Fresh Set of Products

Like a physical store, a line of new products must be stocked constantly. People are always looking for something new. Make sure, though, that your products have a central theme and are not too eclectic. Specializing in a niche will give you greater recall.

Online businesses are virtual, but it does not need to be cold. Customers are still looking for warm customer service. Consistency will also generate bigger sales. At the end of the day, word of mouth and referrals can still take your online business to new levels.


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