Accident involving two cars

How Car Accidents Happen and What You Can Do About It

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The advent of the automobile has made traveling so much easier and so much more convenient. It’s also opened up humanity to many risks of injury. Some of it is self-inflicted, others result from the negligence of others. In the case of the latter, it’s a great idea to retain a car accident injury attorney in Salt Lake City to protect your interests.

Here are the most common causes of car accidents and how you need to best handle them when you’re on the receiving end of the trouble.


One of the biggest causes of car accidents arises from the tendency of drivers nowadays to allow them to be distracted by many things and bits of technology in their vehicles. Most of the time, this has to do with their smartphones. It’s easy to get into an accident when someone else is taking a call or replying to a message and such. This is very difficult to protect against as you would need to be very vigilant. After all, you can’t readily tell if someone is being distracted or not.


Sometimes drivers can’t help but push their rides to the limit. After all, some cars are meant to be fast. While this is fine if you’re driving along on a clear country highway, it’s much too risky when you’re on a busy highway with other cars driving about you. While being aware of your surroundings certainly helps—you can hear and see a speeding car from far away. This will allow some degree of reaction time if you’re very mindful and careful on the road yourself.


Man drinking while drivingOne of the top causes of fatal accidents globally is the drunk driver. Sadly, people aren’t quick to learn even though drunk drivers have caused some of the most horrific crashes in the world. The danger when it comes to this is that it’s very difficult to anticipate how a drunk driver will act or react. The best way that you can deal with this kind of driver is to brace yourself for impact. It certainly helps to document everything. If you can have a dash cam installed, that helps a lot especially when you eventually need a car accident injury attorney in Salt Lake City.

Red Light Running

Another common cause of accidents is when drivers take their chances, roll their dice, and drive through a red light. This is extremely difficult to protect against as those who run red lights often do so at breakneck speeds. The result is often horrific and can be the cause of truly lasting injuries. A great way to attempt protection against this risk is to take each red light slowly and carefully. Again, it also helps to be able to document everything that happens so you have evidence to protect your interests.

Car accidents can change one’s life and not for the better. If you’re at the receiving end of someone’s negligence, then you have every right to fight for what’s due you. With a great lawyer at your back, you can be sure that your interests are protected.

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