How to Make Sure Your Fall Protection Equipments Are Operational

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This guide teaches you how to check fall protection equipments. For instance, a rope might look fine, but if it’s all fuzzy and coming apart, it could snap and cause a big ouch. Missing screws in anchors: Anchors are strong hooks that hold the ropes. If a screw is missing, the anchor won’t be strong enough to hold someone’s weight.

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Clips are what connect the ropes to the harness. If there’s a bent clip, it might not latch on right, which could be dangerous. Now, imagine a bungee jump without the bungee. That’s what a broken shock absorber is like – it catches you gently. But if it breaks, you’ll come crashing down.

Meanwhile, the D-ring is the metal loop on the harness that the rope connects to. If it’s bent, it could break, and the person could fall. Likewise, leg straps on a harness are there to keep you from falling out. If you tie them in a knot, they could come undone.

Whether you’re on a roof, climbing a ladder, or doing any other high-up work, having reliable gear can be a lifesaver. Because of that, give your gear a good once-over. That means looking for any wear and tear, like frayed ropes or busted buckles. Put your gear through its paces. Strap yourself in and tug at it to ensure everything’s holding up. It’s better to find out now than when you’re dangling off the side of a building.


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