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How to Train Your Employees with Online Courses

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What’s the difference between a good company and the best company? It’s the way employers handle their employees and help them improve their skills. Employees must make it a point to invest in training their employees because they will benefit from it. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees that investing in your workers is beneficial for the company. Many employees find that their skills are not at par with their counterparts from other organizations.

The best thing about training employees is that you don’t have to do it in person anymore. Through Cloud-based program management solutions, employers can create training courses and handbooks that they can share with their employees over a secured server on the Cloud. Employers don’t even have to spend a dime on training their workers. They can do so using the eLearning platforms that are available on the web.

Learning online offers flexibility in schedule that no other kind of training can. Through online courses, workers can learn at their own pace and during their free time. They can do so when they are prepared for training and not when they are forced and mandated by their employers.

Choose the eLearning Tools You Need

There are different eLearning tools available online. Some are for free, while others will require a minimal monthly fee. Trello is one of the most popular platforms that organizations use, while Camtasia works well, too. There’s also Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate. Aside from the eLearning tools, you also need messaging tools such as Slack, Basecamp, and Skype. These are the tools that will help facilitate learning and knowledge-sharing between you and your employees.

Recycle Resources

Take a look around your office. Do you have manuals and handbooks there that can be recycled for training your workers? Maybe you can just update some of the information and regulations there? You can also convert a company policy handbook into a digital copy by scanning it, turning it into a PDF file, and sharing the link with your employees. This way, there will be no excuse for not following certain policies because they have a copy of the handbook in their smartphones.

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Link to Outside Sources

Look into assets and resources available outside your office. For example, you can check a variety of YouTube videos, blogs, articles, and journals that are related to the subject you want to train your workers in. You can include these links and posts in the training manuals. Your employees will also learn better using these outside and authoritative sources. They will gain a better and deeper understanding of the topics.

Add Media to the Training Course

To add substance to your training course, make use of multimedia. Graphics, charts, pies, or still images will help with engaging learners actively. People are visual by nature. They understand what they see more than what they hear, so you need to integrate multimedia into your training course and manuals.

There are many advantages to training employees through online courses. For one, there’s no need to spend big money on sending workers to training camps, seminars, and conferences. More importantly, you will be able to build chemistry and rapport with them.

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