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DIY Kids Birthday Party: Ideas That Won’t Cost You a Fortune

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Throwing a DIY birthday party for your kid is a great way to save money. You can make your own decorations, games, and food, and even make your own favors. Many ideas can be executed on a budget, so you can have a great party without spending a fortune.

Here are some tips and tricks for how to plan a fantastic kids’ birthday party on a budget:

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Place and Date

First, you’re going to need to decide on a date for your kid’s birthday party. Consider the availability of the venue and other activities that your child wants to include in the party. A good idea is to have a party that starts in the morning and lasts through the early afternoon so that you can allow enough time for games, activities, and gifts.

If you choose to plan the party at home, consider that you’ll need enough room for the kids to run around, and you’ll need to include a lot of activities. For example, if your child’s party is at home, you’ll want to make sure you have things like games, crafts, face painting, and dancing.

But if you’re planning on having the party outside, you’ll need an area where the kids can play. So, if you want to throw a party in your backyard, check with your neighbors to make sure it’s okay for you to have a lot of kids running around.

Decorations and Games

If you’re looking for some incredible decorations, there are many that you can make yourself. For instance, you can make your pin the tail on the donkey game with a poster board, some string, and paper plates painted to look like donkeys.

Or, if you prefer a large piece that you can just stick on the wall, you can use a tarpaulin printing service to make a big picture of, say, Spongebob Square Pants and hang it as a backdrop to take photos in front of. This way, you’ll have an excellent decoration for your child’s birthday party, and everyone can take home a great picture with Spongebob to remember it by.

Music and Entertainment

For music, you can play a playlist of your child’s favorite songs on a Bluetooth speaker. This way, everyone can dance and have fun together. If you don’t have a Bluetooth speaker, you can use an old boombox or play CDs instead.

If you’re looking for some entertainment, you could go down the traditional route and hire a clown or magician to provide a fun show, but another option is to have a painting area, for instance. This could be good for younger kids, or if you don’t want the mess that a clown might make.

Food and Beverages

Whether your child is having a party in the afternoon or the evening, you can prepare finger foods that are easy to eat. Quesadillas, pizzas, chicken skewers, or meatballs and sauce are all great options for your child’s birthday party. You can get creative and make cupcakes shaped like stars or heart-shaped pancakes.

As for beverages, you can get creative, too. Instead of buying sodas, you can serve flavored water or lemonade in clear plastic cups with fun straws that you color yourself. This will not only save you money, but it will also help you to keep track of who’s drinking what.

Favors and Gifts

You can make favors for your child’s birthday party by putting together a goody bag. If you’re having a party in the afternoon, it’s best just to do juice boxes and bags of chips. Kids love both of these because they’re finger foods that are easy to eat.

You can give each child a small bag with candies, bubbles, and glow sticks for an evening party. Glow sticks are cheap to buy and can be worn for a while after your child’s birthday party. For extra fun, you can make each kid a little mask or put glow-in-the-dark face paint on them after the party.

Of course, you can’t forget birthday presents for your child! You don’t need to buy them, though. You can make your kid’s present instead. For example, if you’ve got a budding artist on your hands, you can paint them a picture. You don’t need to be an expert, just put your heart into it, and you’ll have a one-of-a-kind present for your child.

When you’ve got all these tips at hand, planning out a kids’ birthday party on a budget will be easy. Throw some decorations up on the wall, make some food for your guests, and provide them with good favors so that they can remember the occasion. Make your child’s birthday party the best day of their life!

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