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Practical Perks of Working with a Field Marketing Organization

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You have to admit. The term “independent” is very attractive for someone who wants their business to be theirs. You don’t need a boss to answer to, and all your earnings will go to you and the people you actually care about.

However, even if you’re an independent insurance agent, you might want to consider teaming up with a field marketing organization (FMO). You can gain a lot of great benefits that you’ll have a harder time having access to on your own.

Better Products

While you can deal with companies directly for your products, not all of them are open to doing so. This is where field marketing organizations for insurance comes in.

Because they’re the same as those companies in the sense that they’re also representing a large group of people, they can act as an intermediary for you to gain access to the products you need. You’ll also be sure that you’ll get quality ones every time and at a faster rate.

Same Commissions

You might be thinking that since you’ll be with a group, you’ll now get less from your sales. After all, they’re doing a service for you, so they have to gain an amount from you, right? Wrong, or at least most of the time they won’t demand anything from you.

You’ll still deal with companies directly, so you’ll get the amount that you should receive as a commission. If the organization has provided some help to you other than connecting you with the insurance supply, then that’s when they might charge you.

More Support

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Going to the business of selling insurance can sometimes be tough if you’re on your own. You have to get your products yourself, find people to sell them to, and make your own effort to improve your capabilities through training.

When you’re with an FMO, you can gain easier and greater access to the support you need. You can undergo training programs that they hold, and being on their list of agents can make you more visible to your potential customers.

Increased Opportunities

The combination of products and support that you’ll receive from an FMO can lead you to a wider range of opportunities than if you went at your business alone. You’ll be able to sell new products that have their target market that’s different from what you’ve been connecting with.

Also, you’ll be able to push your business further because you can focus on actually selling rather than the nitty-gritty of marketing yourself. The organization will take care of it for you.

“No man is an island,” as the saying goes. Even if you’re working by and for yourself, you can still benefit from cooperating with a larger entity and using an FMO.

You’ll get access to quality products, gain access to resources and reach out to more people who need the insurance that you’re selling. You’ll need those connections anyway, so why not go for a one-stop shop and work with a group that can give them to you.

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