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Retail Design: Attracting Paying Customers

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People go into stores for two reasons: because they have to or because they want to. Your job is to pull people into your store because they want to because the customers who have to don’t need a lot of encouragement. But, you can still inspire the have-to customers to choose your store over competitors.  

Customers want to have an experience in the store. They can easily order whatever they need or want online. The only reason to go out is to have a safe and fun little adventure. A shopping experience gives people something to talk about with their friends. This will in turn interest the friends in trying it out.   There are many ways to convince potential customers to try out your shop for their retail adventure.

Social media has added even more opportunities to expand these experiences. All you have to do is find the ones that work for you and make sure that your store looks like a place that people want to be at. Fun events will only hold people’s attention if they take place in a well-lit, beautifully decorated store. Look the part first, and you will find that your retail adventures bring in a lot more customers. Commercial cleaning companies can help you achieve this.


Start by offering existing customers lucrative promotions and rewards for referring their friends and family to your store. Keep a record of who recommended the new customers and find out from the new customers why they chose to heed their friends’ advice. This will help you to build on your perceived strengths according to your loyal customers.  

Send a Polite Message  

Send a simple and direct greeting via text message to the customer. Tell them that you hope they enjoyed their shopping experience and that you hope to see them again soon. Give a link where they can find other items that are similar or can work in tandem with what they already purchased. But, most importantly, give them the option to stop receiving direct messages if they choose. This will make them feel that you care about their comfort and has a better chance of them actually clicking on the link and considering another purchase.  

Free Services  

Give customers a reason to visit your physical location repeatedly by offering free services. Clothing shops can offer free hemming and sizing services. Hardware shops can offer people a period in which they can use and return the product for another one without extra charge. Beauty goods or hair salons can offer free consultations of maintenance or proper usage after a product purchase.  

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Social Media Influence  

Enter into an agreement with a well-known social media influencer in your area and work with them to create an event. They can do a series of videos about products they receive from your store on their online channel. The final collaboration can be a performance or an autograph event at your physical location.  

Ensure this is an influencer with a sizable following that is likely to go to an event for them and that the person is of good character. People will value getting to meet an inspirational person more than just another fame-hungry person who has no originality.  

VIP Access  

Run a big social media event across all your platforms where the end reward is that the lucky winner gets to choose two friends and have VIP access to your store for a full day. Announce that you will close down the store for them, serve champagne and premium snacks, as well as give them personalized consultations. Depending on how well you market it, it can be an annual event that people will spend a lot of money trying to win.  

Play Area  

Create a little play area where an employee can watch over small children while their parents’ shop. Instruct the parents that they must leave a phone number with the employee and that the employee will call them if the child asks for anything. Limit the ages from 4 to 9 to ensure that the children are capable of fending for themselves for a short while.  

The parents will be very grateful and you will likely see a much greater improvement in the number of parents who visit your store. This is very beneficial if you own a children’s clothing store or a stationery shop or even boutique grocers.            

A freshly painted facade and a brand new sign can work wonders as well. Sometimes customers avoid a shop because it looks rundown or it is too dimly lit. Giving your store the makeover it needs to look bright and inviting will go a long way towards making want to participate in whatever retail events you come up with for their enjoyment.

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