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Rookie Driver: Safety Reminders to Recall Before Hitting the Road

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Are you excited to put your driving skills to the test? Do you want to get your driver’s license to go hit the road and go places on long drives? Then you might want to slow down and get a few points clear to be on the safe side. The first time is always what gets your blood rushing with adrenaline and makes your whole body tense. It can also fill your head with thoughts that can distract you if you’re not careful. Before putting the pedal to the metal, consider these pieces of advice and guidance for a rookie like you.

A Thorough Inspection

Risk prevention always starts before you even open your car’s door. Chances are that the first car you drive as a licensed driver won’t be the same vehicle in which you learned how to drive. As a new driver, it’s vital that you spend some time familiarizing yourself with this new set of wheels. Make sure that you’re comfortable with the pedals and that you know where the shift is located, regardless of whether your car has a manual or automatic transmission. Take the time to check if the tires are all balanced and have enough air as these will dictate how smooth your cruise will be. Also, take the car to a service center on a regular basis for a better look at its status.


As we all know, insurance is not just for your finances or your kids’ futures. They also happen to be available for your vehicle. You will be offered insurance for your car upon your purchase at a car dealer in Durham. Hence, it’s important that you read about it and study the documents associated with it. Car insurance policies can do much, especially for a rookie driver, as it has multiple benefits such as liability insurance and medical bill insurance. These items cover the damage for both you and the accident you get involved in, making it easier for you to settle the mishap. Knowing about these benefits and having them available assures you that in case something unfortunate happens, you’ll be in good hands.

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Contact Information

Accidents may happen at any time anywhere and without prior warning. On the road, you may not find anybody who can help you in case you get involved in such a situation. It’s important that you have emergency contacts listed down. List it down using your phone, write it down on a piece of paper, or print it out, and then place it in your car’s compartments. The list will come in handy, especially when you need medical attention as well as repairs for your vehicle. Examples of people you need contact information of are the police, a hospital’s emergency hotline, towing companies, and of course, family members who know how to drive and own a vehicle. They can bail you out when you need them the most and may even draw the line between life and death.

Aside from these three points, you should also consider a few more pieces of good advice such as paying attention to the road while you’re driving, avoiding distractions, and most importantly, refraining from using your phone while you’re behind the wheel. Getting these matters settled early will present more opportunities for you. You can earn from your skills if you drive well and have the capability to travel the vast world that is waiting for you out there.

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