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The Sciencepreneur: Using the Scientific Method as an Entrepreneur

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About 80% of start-up businesses fail within 18 months. Creating a long-lasting and successful business will take multiple factors for success, from an abundance of ideas and resources to an incredible amount of hard work, time, and effort. Other than this, entrepreneurs have now discovered how a scientific approach to their business can be a great way to acquire success. Science has been allowed scientists to discover innovative and revolutionary theories, concepts, and inventions. This method can be used not only on an immense scientific, empirical scale but also in the business industry. Through observation, experimentation, and formulation, new technologies are created, and product development tactics are enhanced. Businesses can generate more revenue and acquire a tremendous amount of success in the future through these scientific steps.

Raise a question

The months and years of developing a business can easily be wasted without a sturdy foundation supporting its development. That is why it is crucial to define a specific question that can carry the entire process and possible strategies toward success. In the business aspect, this question can be an investigation toward potential marketing strategies and product development tactics. In building a product, it is crucial to question the needs and wants of most customers. It is best to put oneself in their shoes and ask a question that can increase customer satisfaction. As soon as a question is formulated, business owners can easily and more accurately determine the answers. These include questions on what business problems need to be solved or what strategies can engage the target audience more. It can be a great way to define the problem and build a business to solve the issue.

Collect information

To succeed in the business industry, it is vital to be aware and knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the field. Besides the education that most entrepreneurs receive from STEM senior high school and college curricula, extensive research and information collection are crucial steps to take to master the industry. Ask for advice, work with mentors and become a mentee, and reach out to your chosen target audience to collect information from them personally. The internet holds an abundance of knowledge and details on conquering the market successfully. With continuous research and open-minded learning, you can reduce risks and discover more ways to gain profit.

Formulate a hypothesis

Formulating a hypothesis helps scientists summarize what they intend to find in their experiments and ensure their goals are being met. For entrepreneurs, a hypothesis is seen in the form of a business plan. However, it can be on a smaller and simpler level. For instance, you can formulate micro-hypotheses from your daily observations. Creating a hypothesis can help business owners acknowledge assumptions and distinguish the best path to take without letting expectations and preconceived notions stand in the way.

Test the notion


After formulating a hypothesis, you need to take an incredibly crucial step: the experimenting or testing stage. Test out your hypothesis through simple surveys and run campaigns. You can use the feedback you acquire from these tests as a tool to improve and work on the shortcomings of your products and services. The initial plans will never be perfect right away. Nevertheless, the experiment and testing you conduct can kickstart a long journey toward the success of a company.

Review data

You then need to review the data and quantify the findings from the feedback and results you collect. In this way, it would be easier to create a more solid conclusion regarding the initial hypothesis. Thoroughly analyze data and validate your sources by screening substantial feedback to figure out the next best step to take. Then, identify if you need to make any adjustments. Remember to keep an open mind to unfamiliar results and discoveries to formulate better ideas.

Publish results

To conclude, report your initial findings when you have gathered your data and tested out your hypotheses. The entire process will most likely take a long time before you can conclude findings. As soon as the results are published, the public will continue to scrutinize and criticize the outcomes presented. As a business owner, it is essential to accept feedback and pick out the responses that can be most helpful for the business. However, it is best to select a few trusted customers to try out new products and services. To reach an almost-perfect product or service, the key is to improve and revise your strategies consistently. Science is constantly changing. Thus, a business should as well stay relevant and thriving in the industry.

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