Seven Simple Tricks to Make Carpets Stay Looking Like New

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For many centuries, carpets have been part of man’s culture and history. From Persia to Mongolia to Great Britain, carpets have decorated countless palace walls and floors, as well as tombs.

These days, carpets are still pretty much in vogue. There are even companies that provide carpet cleaning services for property owners who want to keep theirs in immaculate condition. You can also actually undergo training and be a DryMaster Systems authorized partner so that you can start your own carpet cleaning business.

But let’s say you’re just a typical property owner who wants to keep your carpets perpetually clean. What should you do? Here are some tricks.

Do frequent vacuums

If your carpets regularly see heavy foot traffic, chances are they take in a lot of dirt on any given day. In such a case, be sure to vacuum them at least thrice a week. Make it a prolonged session, since hurried vacuuming won’t thoroughly pick up all the dirt that’s within the carpets’ fabric.

Apply baking soda before vacuuming

Baking soda is a wonderful solution to managing nasty odors in a lot of things, including carpets. You just have to sprinkle it over your carpets, let it sit for a few minutes, and then off you go vacuuming. When you do this trick regularly, you’ll be surprised at how nice your carpets will smell.

Work on spills outright

Coffee, soda, soup, and many other liquids can accidentally spill onto your carpets. The key to keeping your carpets stay in great condition longer is to remove such spills immediately. If you forego the clean-up even for only a day, the liquid could harden and soak into the fabric. It would then be a pain to remove the nasty stain.

Have them professionally cleaned at least once a year

Most dirt and stains can be removed using a vacuum and dedicated carpet cleaning solutions. However, if you really want to prolong your carpets’ life and aesthetics, you should have professionals clean them up at least once every year.


Trim snags regularly

Since carpets have fabrics, they are highly prone to snagging. When you see snags, do not, by any means, attempt to pull them out as you would only make things worse. Instead, use sharp scissors to carefully cut the base of the snags to keep them from getting bigger.

Consider layering

One simple trick to protect your carpets is to place runners and area rugs over carpeted floors where there is heavy foot traffic. This way, you won’t have to spend a considerable sum of money cleaning up or eventually replacing worn or damaged carpet.

Mind your shoes

Shoes are dirt magnets, so it makes sense to remove them before stepping on carpets. If you have guests, you can ask them to remove their shoes and place them at a designated spot. Be sure to provide house slippers, though, so they will still feel comfortable while inside your house.

Just follow these steps and you’ll be on track to keeping your carpets in excellent condition for many years to come.

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