Potentially Lucrative Side Business Ideas This 2021

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Experts say that 2021 is the year of recovery and rebuilding, and this bodes well for everyone—not just the biggest corporations but also small business owners. If you’re thinking of ways to try to earn money on the side, you don’t need to quit your day job to start. Here are some potentially lucrative side businesses you can consider.

Being an insurance agent

Becoming an insurance agent presents plenty of benefits: The schedule is pretty flexible because you don’t need to be sitting at a desk all day long, you have the freedom to choose what kind of insurance industry you want to be part of, and you will have some level of job security because there will always be a market for it. If you’re thinking of becoming an agent, consider taking some insurance courses to help you understand the industry like the back of your hand. Find yourself a coach or mentor who can pass on to you the tricks of the trade and the tools you need to find success as an agent, then research the best and most reputable insurance companies you would want to be part of.

Becoming a virtual assistant

If you have plenty of free time throughout the day, consider applying to become a virtual assistant (VA) or someone who can provide support and help to other businesses from a remote location. Since we have all the technological tools we need to do this, like high-speed internet, affordable conference calling platforms, and document and file sharing, companies and entrepreneurs can not enlist the help of assistants without having to bring in full-time staff in a physical office. Virtual assistants benefit both parties because both sides get to have more flexibility, with decreased fixed costs and the capacity to scale up and down depending on the company’s needs.

To become a VA, you need to have some basic knowledge of social media, content creation, E-commerce, general admin, content production, and everything else running a business. Having a general knowledge of all these facets can help prepare you to assist a CEO or manager in running their company.

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Teaching an online course

If you are a master in a particular trade, consider leveraging your skills by teaching a paid online course or webinar. Remember the company MasterClass? It’s an online education subscription platform that enlists the help of the biggest and most famous people in the world to teach subjects like cooking, acting, cosmetics, photography, and others. Their valuation was tripled in just a year, proving that during the pandemic, people were more likely to want to better themselves and do something productive with their downtime.

Granted, you might not be Gordon Ramsay or Natalie Portman, but if you have made a name for yourself for a specific skill, you can be sure that people will be interested in learning what you can do. Just market it right and target the right people.

Decluttering and organizing people’s homes

The founders behind the company The Home Edit made a name for themselves organizing the homes of top celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Reese Witherspoon, but we can be sure that they didn’t start that way. The founders had a vision for fusing organizing with interior design and encouraging homeowners to think long term when thinking of functional systems for their storage. If you have the same passion for clean aesthetics, organizing, and thinking outside the box, allow yourself to be inspired by The Home Edit’s story, learn from their principles, and make it your own.

You can start small; you can start by charging people for cleaning and clutter-clearing their homes. You can also provide additional services like organizing, which can involve purchasing new storage materials for clients. Being a professional cleaner or organizer entails being a neat freak, but it also involves being compassionate, personable, and good at listening. This is because you’re not just the cleaning lady or gentleman. You will also be entrusted to care for, clean, and organize clients’ most treasured possessions, especially those who struggle with letting go of items that have sentimental value.

Final Thoughts

No matter what side hustle you choose, it will always involve a lot of hard work and dedication before you see a sliver of profit. But don’t let this deter you—start, don’t stop giving it your all, and believe that the economy will recover, paving the way for small businesses to thrive.

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