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The Advantages of Hiring Just One Recruitment Agency

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Many companies struggle in meeting their recruitment targets either because they have limited resources in finding the right talent or they don’t have enough time to focus on improving their recruitment strategies. Sometimes, it’s due to both.

Finding the right candidate to fill a position can be a tough task and may take a long time to complete. This is especially true when it comes to highly technical positions like those in the areas of engineering, information technology, or accounting, where talent is scarce and many companies vie for similar competencies. One option that companies may consider is to hire a recruitment agency to fulfil their staffing requirements. Whilst businesses have the choice to engage several staffing firms, it may be more beneficial to have just one recruitment agency to handle all their recruitment needs.

If you’re in HR or if you own a start-up business and you’re planning to outsource your recruitment function, here are reasons you should acquire the services of just one recruitment agency:

Full Commitment

An exclusive recruitment agency will devote all its time and resources to find the right candidate for you. You can count on their full commitment, as they know that you’ve entrusted only them with your recruitment needs. Some of the best talents may not be actively exploring new employment opportunities. Recruitment agencies have a wide network of professional contacts that they can reach out to so they can connect with not only active but also passive candidates. They will exhaust all their resources and media contacts so they can help you find the talent you’re searching for.

Thorough Screening

Exclusive recruiters will take time to discuss and fully understand the requirements that you have of the position you’re hiring for. They will thoroughly screen candidates to determine which ones best fit your requirements. Only the most qualified candidates will be sent to you, so you will not waste time reviewing a large number of resumes to make a hiring decision.


Marketing and recruitment are always connected. Since an exclusive recruitment agency thoroughly understands your business and your needs, they can market your company to the best talents. They can provide candidates insights about your company’s culture which may help spark their interest and encourage them to apply.

Talent Exclusivity

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If you’re working with only one recruitment agency, you can be guaranteed that they will not submit your candidates to another client. They will wait for you to decide which candidate to hire and until an offer is made and is accepted. This helps eliminate the possibility of a bidding war between you and your competitor, unless the candidate directly submits their application to the competitor.


Unlike dealing with multiple firms, working with just one agency will help you control and limit access to confidential data. This helps minimise risks of exposing critical information to your competitors or the public.

Outsourcing your recruitment function to a single third-party agency will help you in many ways. You can be assured that you will be getting the top talents for your business. At the same time, you can focus on other important tasks, like improving your processes or setting up programs that will keep your current workforce happy and engaged.

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