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The Non-Traditional Careers in the Food Industry

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The food industry is bursting with opportunities for people who are seeking careers that are well paid, interesting, and incredibly rewarding. Some individuals might think that the food industry is not as worth it as some professionals make it out to be. But those who are highly fascinated with food know that all jobs come with stressors, and it is just a matter of tenacity and dedication to make it successful.

On another related note, most people think about traditional occupations like restaurant chefs, bakers, and service crews when talking about careers in the food industry. While they do make up a significant portion of the careers in this sector, they are not the only options available.

Sometimes, it depends on the location of a person’s choosing, like Paris or London. Or, if they want to handle the food directly or work tangentially to it, which gives options ranging from catering chef to handling catering equipment repair.

Listed below are some career options that might interest you.

Cookbook Author

Food writing is a job that is available not only to professional chefs. In fact, in this modern digital age, foodies have taken up blogging to profess their dedication to hunt for good food.

This kind of writing has extended to more traditional food writing like magazines and cookbooks. Those who are interested in sharing their personally crafted recipes are open to write a book that can get published and distributed to the public.

Craft Brewer

One of the most popular food endeavours in recent times has to do with craft beer. Craft brewery is known as a kind of brewery that focuses on the quality and flavour of the beer.

It is generally much smaller than typical industrial-sized breweries. Additionally, craft brewers often work alongside gastro pubs to deliver a great drinking experience partnered with good food.

Food Lawyer

Food laws aim to protect consumers and provide for the efficient growth and use of food anywhere. Attorneys who specialise in food laws are known to scrutinise the industry, as well as the production and farming sectors to ensure the public’s health and safety when it comes to food.

Food Stylist

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Food stylists give more focus on the aesthetic appeal of food for commercial and editorial purposes. They are known to be consultants of restaurants, groceries, and publishers for photoshoots. They are guaranteed to have food looking as good, or even better than it tastes.

Hospitality Manager

Hospitality managers oversee the daily operations of hotel restaurants. The job entails that they manage personnel, ensure guest or customer satisfaction, and follow the appropriate steps to guarantee that all facilities are well maintained.

Restaurant Designer

Establishing a restaurant requires more than building a menu. Architecture and interior design are essential in bringing in customers, and restaurant designers exist to make any restaurant look as appealing as their food is.

These designers work closely with the hospitality industry and often works with architects, interior designers, and project managers to help bring a restaurant concept to reality.

There are plenty of opportunities to incorporate food into one’s job. It does not matter which career path you choose, so long as you deliver quality and ensure the satisfaction of your clients.

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