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The Process of Trust: Why You Need a Lawyer For Estate Matters

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It’s necessary for owners to enlist legal help in sorting out property matters. After all, the laws on wills and real estate vary depending on where you are. In countries like the United States, state laws would require the personal representative of a will to be a relative or a resident of the state. But in Australia, the conditions would be different. Whether you want to make your will for your assets in Townsville or Brisbane, an estate lawyer should offer assistance in the following cases.

Multiple Properties

Estate lawyers handle cases in which owners who have real estate or businesses in more than one city or area need to leave a last will or testament. This is a financial situation that needs careful manoeuvring so that the assets would be properly distributed or entrusted to the family. For properties with a brand, making this a seamless process is even more important as reputation is at stake. A law firm would manage all paperwork, meetings, and discussions vital to the process.


There are also cases in which the individual who makes the trust or will has children who are still minors or no children at all. In these situations, the estate planning lawyer can help the person entrust the assets to different people. This would resolve problems when the owner doesn’t prefer leaving the property to their descendants. In the case of minor children, the person entrusted with the property would take care of it. Once the minors are of age, they can then legally inherit the estate.


Besides children, another real estate family matter would involve marriage. Certain arrangements between spouses might involve conjugal properties, in which they both have ownership, but not all setups are like this. Other factors to consider would be disputes that might arise if the marriage ends. Having a lawyer that can mediate between spouses can keep things civil and help the two parties agree about the estate.


Another factor worth considering would be charity. Some owners might prefer to entrusting the value of their estate to a charitable organisation. Since this is a process that could involve people outside the immediate family, a law firm can help keep things confidential and prevent unnecessary attention to it. This would also help ensure that the funds would be spent appropriately. Owners who are interested in this would need to know, however, that some estate properties might not be considered for charitable transfers.

Taxable Estates

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Lastly, estate planning lawyers can help owners handle tax matters regarding their assets even after death. This is especially helpful for owners who have residential or business properties. These places don’t necessarily follow the same tax procedures; business establishments typically involve more paperwork. Enlisting a law firm’s help would make sure that all tax liabilities are handled properly.

In a nutshell, handling wills, trusts, and real estate can be a complex process. This includes acquiring the necessary signatures, preparing paperwork, and meeting all the people involved. By having a law firm that can handle estate planning, owners can learn to trust this process of entrusting their things.

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