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Tips for Maintaining Wooden Industrial Desks

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Although maintaining wooden desks is a task, it’s often rewarding. With its vintage charm, wooden desks and tables add a sense of allure to an office or home. However, like any other wooden furniture, an industrial desk for sale is worthy of all attention.

Industrial furniture must be given extra attention and care. However, it is vital to know what works for industrial furniture maintenance and what doesn’t. Below are incredible tips that could help in maintaining valuable industrial desks and tables:

Clean Them with Warm Water

You should use mild dish soap and clean water to clean your wooden industrial desks. However, you should be careful not to soak them for many hours. After that, scrub them and pour water on them until spots and dirt wear off. You can use a piece of cloth to wipe away the residual moisture.

Dust Them

Of course, a sparkling wooden industrial desk makes a lovely workstation, and dusting it well contributes to its usefulness. You can either use a piece of cloth or soft, dry cotton to remove and wipe any dust off the desk. Like household furniture such as tables and sofas, experts recommend cleaning industrial chairs and desks every month.

Prevent Them from Being in Contact with Extremely Cold or Hot Objects

For better maintenance, people should avoid using extremely cold or hot objects on their wooden industrial desks. Such objects often tend to distort the texture of wooden furniture, which could compromise its quality. Its exposure to either cold or hot objects should, however, be limited to the permissible period to prevent further damage.

Do Regular Waxing and Oiling

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Experts recommend waxing and oiling of industrial desks as it gives them a shiny varnish. It also adds a coating, a protective layer that enlivens the appearance of wooden furniture. It is recommendable to wax and oil wooden desks at least three times a year.

Avoid Sharp Objects

It’s common sense not to let sharp objects, such as knives and needles, to get close to wooden industrial desks. A scratch has never appeared beautiful on a piece of wooden furniture and can compromise its quality and usefulness. Your wooden desk will also age with time, and it’s imperative to let it do so gracefully. Like wine, the character of your wooden industrial desks may change over time. Their color could become darker or lighter than before as they age. As such, be mindful of the aging habits the next time you will be buying any wooden furniture.

Minimize Their Exposure to Sunlight

You need to be careful when working on a wooden desk in sunlight for long. Exposing it to sunlight results in a phenomenon known as spotting, where spots appear across the furniture. However, a tablecloth can be enough to mitigate the effects of sunlight.

Of course, you have to clean your wooden furniture regularly to keep it at its best. You don’t want dust and polishes to combine and form light and dark spots on your furniture. As such, you might need to adopt these tricks to clean a wooden table or chair without damaging its finish.

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