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Types of Slotted Cardboard Boxes

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You might manufacture the best product available on the market, but a mistake in its packaging will significantly affect your returns. This is because your product’s packaging is the first element your user will notice about it. The packaging will also keep your product fresh and intact during its shipment.

There are several options available for product packaging currently and choosing one might not be the easiest thing in your production process. An expert offering packaging consultancy services will hence be a crucial addition to your production and marketing team.

One of the most common options for packaging is cardboard. Cardboard boxes are recyclable, lightweight, tear-resistant, and inexpensive. Unlike most prospects, they can withstand a range of printing and graphics. Slotted boxes are the most prevalent cardboard container options used.

They comprise one piece of fiberboard or cardboard called the blank, which is shaped in different ways. The following are the slotted cardboard box types that can suffice for your packaging needs.

Regular Slotted Container

In this box, the outer flaps of your container’s blank measure about one-half the width of your boxes. This will allow the long flaps to meet in the middle of your box when folded and be stapled or taped in place.

You will place corrugated pads in the inner flaps if you are packing products which require extra protection. Regular slotted containers are highly versatile and will package almost anything.

Furthermore, their construction results in minimal material waste. Half slotted containers are a variation of regular slotted ones and comprise one, rather than two sets of flaps. They are ideal for items you want to be uncovered during shipment.

Overlap Slotted Container

All the flaps used in the construction of overlap slotted containers are of the same length. The two outer flaps will, however, overlap by at least an inch instead of meeting in the center of your box thus keeping them from opening.

Overlap slotted containers are often secured using staples. They are used for the shipping of items which are longer than wide.

Full Overlap Slotted Container

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In this box, all flaps feature the same lengths, but the outer ones will overlap each other in a closed position. Full overlap slotted containers have an extra thickness for the provision of more stacking strength and extra cushioning. As such, they are generally used for instances when the package will be prone to rough handling in shipment.

Center Special Slotted Container

This features different lengths for its outer and inner flaps that meet in the middle of your box. The top and bottom of your container can be double corrugated to offer extra protection for your packaged products. The corrugation also flattens the bottom of the container for leveled packaging.

You can include dividers in these slotted cardboard boxes to allow the packaging of diverse products in the same box. Other than the slotted boxes, you can choose from telescope boxes and folders.

Telescope boxes have a lid and a bottom piece. Folders have one or several corrugated boards for their base which is folded around your product. All variations of cardboard boxes are fortunately accepted worldwide and can hence be used for international shipments.

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