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Working with the Generation Z

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During this COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have been struggling to make ends meet. Businesses have been trying to stay afloat amid the global health crisis. Some companies have needed to temporarily or permanently close down, while some have thrived with the new business landscape. Nevertheless, businesses continue to hire new employees amid this crisis.

Nowadays, when employers look for prospective candidates, they will not only find millennials in their call for applications. They will also start finding applicants from Generation Z. This generation is a new breed of young ones who have fresh ideas and fearless perspectives. For employers looking for a new addition to the team, you might want to consider hiring some from this bunch.

Candidates from this pool may still be fresh out of college. Nevertheless, training organizations such as Skills Recognition International can help candidates figure out if they are the right fit for a specific job. This can also inform them of what skills they have yet to improve on to succeed in whatever job they choose.

Generation Z Traits

Hiring from Generation Z is a good idea and a great addition to your team. However, you have to be familiar with their needs and desires in a given workplace to be able to meet them halfway with your offer. While those from Generation Z and the Millennials seem to be similar in characteristics, these two generations have their differences. Here are some characteristics of this young generation.

Despite being known as digital natives, Generation Z yearns for human connection. This means that if given a remote work setup, those who belong to Generation Z will still crave some sort of human interaction whether via messages or video calls.

Individuals from this generation seek a collaborative and friendly work environment that offers positive relationships at work. These relationships become even better if they can go beyond online or social media contact.

Those from Generation Z are more concerned about the cost of education compared to Millennials. This might be brought on by the heightened social awareness of this generation caused by recent social issues regarding this topic.

The young generation values having their dream job over stability compared to their Millennial counterparts, which could be a major aspect for some employers. This could imply that those from Generation Z could easily leave a job that offers no purpose to their goals, leading to a low employee retention rate for the company.

These are only some differences between Generation Z and Millennials which employers could consider. Although the differences are minute, some employers might be incredibly particular about their team’s preferences and values.


Working with the Young Ones

While there are minor differences between Generation Z and Millennials, it is wise to get to know their demographics before hiring someone from their generation. Although this information is quite generalized and each individual is unique, it could still help employers gauge their prospective candidate’s characteristics and work ethic. In the workplace, those from Generation Z have unusual preferences.

From this generation, the individuals may be more competitive than those from the Millennial crowd. Although they may crave teamwork, they understand the need for constant skill development to stay relevant in their chosen field. This could be an asset for your company given that they will gladly and continuously hone their skills during their time with your team. This shows a craving for education and self-improvement without hand-holding.

In line with this, they want to be independent. Some of these individuals may have skipped the whole higher education system to go straight to the workforce, and this does not mean that they are less qualified. In fact, they could be even more qualified than others given that they always strive to improve on their skills.

Those from Generation Z are known to be multitaskers even more than Millennials. A business can take advantage of this skill and work ethic but don’t get too caught up in this production system that you end up trying to exploit the kid. The individuals from this generation are smart and quick-witted that they could easily sense this from afar.

Working with those from Generation Z can be a great addition to your team, especially if you are looking for a fresh perspective during this pandemic. Your business could thrive from the new ideas brought to the table by the young ones these days. Don’t be afraid to hire young candidates because there is huge potential in these kids. Your business should take the risk with this generation because they belong to the future of your industry. They have the risk appetite that your company needs during this time.

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