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Writing a Good and Compelling Manifesto of Your Brand

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Branding is all about leaving an impression in the minds of your consumers. This is where you will start building a good relationship with them. Over time, your branding efforts will be directed to retaining your relationship with those who have already built an affinity for you. Branding covers a lot of activities, such as advertising, public relations, influencer marketing, and even content marketing. In the end, you will need to make sure all these efforts have made your relationship with your clients tighter and long-lasting.

When it comes to branding, you will need to bare your vision and mission, and you can easily communicate them through a brand manifesto.

A brand manifesto is a statement of your commitment. It is your promise to your audience. It is a collection of words that makes sure you will always be there for your consumers whenever they need you. A brand manifesto could also be a statement that defines your business’ reasons for existence. Your manifesto maybe just a set of words, but these words are striking and compelling.

You will need a great copywriter and a creative director to come up with it if you believe you are not fit to express your visions through words. Whether you are doing sports branding and management or a fashion marketing campaign, here are some guidelines when writing a brand manifesto:

Find your voice

SoundwavesThe voice will set the tone of your manifesto. So, if you do not know the type of voice your brand has, it is time to define it. Is your brand straight-up professional? Is it young? Is it casual? Defining your brand’s voice will determine whether your manifesto will be anthemic, professional, or humorous. To easily find your voice, think of a celebrity or a person you know that you think will embody your brand. When you have one in mind, imagine them talking — from their voice to the words that they are using.

Keep the words simple

Some writers are adept at using deep and complex words. But that is not always necessary. What’s more important is that your manifesto is easily understood. After all, you are trying to relate your brand to them. Keep your words simple — the type of words your customers are using and can understand. It is important that you cite relatable situations or scenarios in your manifesto. That way, you can show that you actually understand your customer.

Put some rhythm

Brand manifestos may be prose, but it would always be nice if you put some rhythm into it. Adding a poetic element will make your manifesto much more compelling is ideal. Practice writing; draft your first sample. Have it checked by the copywriter or creative director. Write again until you get the right mix.

A brand manifesto is basically an explanation of why your business exists. It is also a commitment to quality and assuring your customers that you will do your best to help them. Make sure your brand manifesto is simple, short, and compelling.

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