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Commercial Cleaning for Executive Franchise Owners: The Basics

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When you run a business, your office is where your first transactions, business strategizing, discussions and even brainstorming happen. It is imperative that you keep it clean so that it can handle your typical workday.

As a business owner, you want to impress your clients and to maintain the value of your business. You want everyone working for you to concentrate on their job and not the mess.

If yours is an executive franchise, where your primary interest in it is to make money, it is easy to forget about things like cleanliness. One can easily reduce their role in collecting the rent and nothing but that.

Still, under the terms of the leasing agreement, you might want to consider working with a cleaning service to take care of the office even in your absence. Here are five services you might have to find:

General cleaning

In most cases, people imagine that this is the only service commercial cleaners offer. It is not very different from domestic cleaning, except that it takes place in the office. Many cleaners have flexible working hours so that they can accommodate your business schedules.

The office can be cleaned either early morning on in the late evenings when everyone has left the premises. This type of cleaning includes mopping and vacuuming and then wiping the dust off the surfaces. In some cases, it may consist of cleaning kitchen utensils and the toilets.

Cleaning for child settings

Children mainly occupy some businesses. Whether it is a school or a children’s hospital ward, commercial cleaners will tend to the space following specific industry guidelines. The idea here is to keep the hygiene levels high. Practices for cleaning often include considerations for anti-allergy cleaning products to avoid harming children.

Carpet and upholstery cleaning

This is another popular service offered by commercial cleaners. It is typically rendered to businesses such as hotels, offices, restaurants and so forth. Anyone with carpets, for example, can enjoy the service.

Cleaners will help you to make sure that your office is presentable and the furniture looks new. Secondly, this service helps to maintain a healthy working environment by killing bacteria and getting rid of mold.

Commercial kitchen cleaning

restaurant cleaning

As a business, you can opt for this option as opposed to making employees to perform the tasks. A cleaner will help you by preparing kitchen reports, for example.

They are much more equipped to get rid of stubborn stains that any employee would not take the time handle. The most significant benefit though is that employees get more time to concentrate on their work.

Industrial cleaning

This service requires that the staff be trained to handle the different machinery and to use the appropriate products. It is mainly useful for factories and for other venues where manufacturing processes take place. It serves to complement automated machine cleaning.

Commercial cleaning has other subsets that speak to the kind of skill required. For example, a service may offer just window cleaning. In that case, the professionals will handle the windows that are difficult to clean in tall buildings. Be sure that you get the right professional for the job.

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