Shipping container in the garden

Top Three Potential Uses of Repurposed Steel Shipping Containers

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Aussies are always on the lookout for innovative shelter and storage solutions. Functional and durable—these are two of the most sought-after qualities, and these characterise container sheds now available in Australia for different uses. The best ones are guaranteed to remain intact and functional for the next 20 years.

Garden storage

A neutral dark green paint to refurbish the worn exterior of old shipping storages should allow it to blend with the natural surroundings. You won’t have to stress too much worrying it could fall apart in the next summer storm. A shipping container repurposed as a garden shed would prove to be durable and resilient against strong wind and rain. You can count on its durability and little need for maintenance.

Using a shipping container as a garden shed is cost-effective, especially given the ample space available to store gardening equipment. You could even use the top of the container as a mini-nursery for seedlings. It might not be necessary to lock the shed, but if you want to do so, all you need is a factory-fitted lockbox, which most vendors provide. You could even fit a battery powered alarm for additional security. The next time you are thinking about putting up a wooden garden shed, think of purchasing a repurposed steel container. They can be easy to assemble and come in different sizes.

Man caves and femme dens

Personal space is important for every member of the family. Men and women who are balancing work, leisure and family would need space in the house where they can lounge, enjoy downtime, or maybe spend some time with their friends. If you live a house with no available space for a man cave or a femme den, you can put one up with the help of hired builders. A sturdy and versatile shipping container (or two) should be able to provide the space you need. If your man cave is going to function as a home office, you only need to set it up your workspace, and you are all set for productivity.

The woman of the house would need some alone time as well. If you are balancing motherhood, a career, and running a household, then you deserve a space where you can unwind, read, or finish a craft project that’s been put aside for so long. If your man has his cave, then you may have your den in a repurposed shipping container.


Modern shipping container house

Kids need their territory, and parents who want to give them space to grow while still keeping an eye from a distance can choose to invest in a playroom located outside of the house. The dedicated space can be within a refurbished and redecorated shipping container. The best thing about this building material is that it can be arranged in various interesting and exciting configurations.

When you need additional storage, or a dedicated space consider utilising metal shipping containers. You can look around for a contractor who’ll gladly build something unique to your specifications.

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