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Dealing with Neck Spasms, Naturally

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A neck spasm is common in people who sit in one position for many hours without rest. It’s common in people who use computers a lot. This is common in adults, but younger people can also get this if they spend a lot of time using computers and mobile gadgets. Neck spasms can be treated naturally and with simple lifestyle changes.  But you could also use ergonomic furniture, such as a floor chair with back support, so you can have the proper support that would prevent a neck spasm.

The Signs of a Neck Spasm

A neck spasm is characterized by several things, such as stiffness of the neck and shoulders, sharp and severe pain, difficulty moving the neck and shoulders, dizziness, headache, and tingling sensation at the base of the neck. The tingling sensation and dizziness happen when the neck muscles tug on the scalp when the spasm occurs.

There are several causes of neck spasm. The most common is using a computer for long hours. Other causes include sudden movements when sleeping, carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder, using the face and neck to hold a mobile device, exercise strain, and poor posture.


Doctors usually prescribe a pain reliever, anti-inflammatory medicines, muscle relaxants, and injections or steroids (for the worst cases). They might also recommend physical therapy. But some patients prefer using natural means to treat their neck spasms.

The first natural way to treat it or even prevent it is by doing neck exercises such as basic neck stretching and stretching. You can also do a neck curl or head lift. This is to give movement to the neck and shoulders, especially if you have restricted movements. These can loosen the muscles.

Another natural remedy is getting a neck massage. You can have an expert apply pressure on the stiff areas and tender points of the neck. This is effective for constricted muscles. It can relieve the spasm and allow movement of the neck.

Other Alternative Treatments

You can try other methods like heat or cold therapy. With cold therapy, the pain may be relieved because it helps decrease the inflammation. You can put some ice on a plastic bag or use an ice pack. Put this on the affected area and leave it there for a couple of minutes or until the water from the ice is no longer cold.

You can use a heating pad to improve the neck’s condition. A heating pad can relieve pain. Aside from that, it can stimulate proper blood flow. Just be reminded to not leave the cold or heat packs too long on the neck as it might damage the skin.

Managing Neck Spasms

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Stress is one of the reasons for neck spasms, so you need to manage your stress levels. Of course, you can’t avoid it, but you can manage your reaction. Daily exercise, sports, yoga, meditation, and other deep breathing techniques could all help manage stress.

Neck spasm can be painful, but it’s treatable. It’s better if you can avoid the activities that lead to it. If you can’t, try doing these remedies to prevent it from happening or treat it.

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