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The Courses of Action for Timber Properties

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Timber frame houses are things of beauty, and they’re highly-regarded by many. No matter how old a timber house may be, people are drawn to it. As a result, some would like to build their own timber house. If you’re one of them, getting a timber framing instruction can help you with this project. Apart from a successful construction process, existing timber properties also need some maintenance. Here are cleaning and fixing ideas for you:

General Maintenance

First off, know what common problems timber frames face. These could be rotting, a fungal attack, lintel failures, falling joints and movement of frames, beetle infestation, overloaded beams, etc. It’s important to check what’s going on with the frames to avoid damage.

One of the things you should check is if there’s decay. This is timber’s biggest enemy because it results in rotting and beetle infestation. There’s decay when there’s moisture. To check, find where the dampness is coming from. This could be a blocked gutter or your property being in high levels of the ground. It can also be blocked downpipes or faulty cement renders. Fix these issues as soon as you can.

You can also test the timber. Try poking it with a knife and see if it can’t be penetrated. The timber can’t be nudged if it’s in good condition. Aside from that, you should ensure that the timber is dry. For other issues, hire a craftsman or a skilled carpenter. They’re experts in their field for a reason, and they know what they’re doing.

Timber Repair

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You must look for a reputable and reliable repairman to fix problems with your timber property. Some companies don’t address such issues, only the symptoms. There are those who make inappropriate repair. You wouldn’t want these to happen. It’s better if you have some kind of understanding of your property, so you have a better judgment on which services to choose.

The sole plates are important in every timber property. These are the nearest to the ground and most of the time, are the ones that need repair first. There are times when its sections need to be cut out and replaced or replaced entirely. The repairs to be done should be sleek unless you want the whole property to collapse.

The exterior may seem easy to maintain, but it’s also a sensitive part. If this part is rotten, a replacement is fitting. The same species of timber should be put in place of the rotten one.

Painted timber houses are a thing, although there are paints that can’t be used for timber. For one, plastic-based paints can’t be painted on timber. Bitumen, too, is not recommended for timber because it can retain moisture that leads to rotting. One way to put color onto timber is by air washing. If you’re scared to damage the timber, hire an expert who can help you instead. Lastly, have your timber property checked regularly. This lets you see ongoing problems early on and you can take action from there.

Having a property made of timber is lovely. It’s a wood that depicts beauty and strength. To protect it, take the necessary steps to keep it sturdy as long as you can.


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