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Best Practices in Designing an E-Commerce Site

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When it comes to e-commerce, first impressions always last. With a huge number of businesses going online to connect with their customers, it has become challenging for retailers to connect with their market to make a sale. Business owners should work harder to make their e-commerce stores appealing to their market.

In these situations, business owners need to enhance the design of their e-commerce sites. Enhancing their websites means they have to make the websites eye-catching and easy to navigate. Here are some ways business owners can make their websites appealing to their audience.

Clean Website Design

A visually appealing website encourages people to interact with it. Since first impressions last, business owners should catch the attention of potential customers when they first visit the website. While business owners may want to provide as much information as possible to their audience, clean designs are appealing and pleasant to the eyes.

Business owners should think about their physical store. They do not display everything at the storefront. Instead, they keep the storefront neat and clean to entice their customers to enter the establishment. Similarly, a business website should have the same appeal. It should be simple and clean.

Some negative or white space on the website can give customers some breathing room and reduce distractions on the website. Additionally, the text should be straight to the point and entice visitors to explore the website further.

Consistent Branding

Business owners should also maintain consistency in branding. Since the website reflects the identity of the business, its design should be consistent with the overall look and style of the business.

Omnichannel marketing requires consistency to ensure the proper promotion of the business. It should show its logo on the homepage. Similarly, the website should have a color theme and font style consistent with what the business uses for its physical store.

The voice and messaging of the brand on the website should also conform to what customers can find in the physical store. Consistency promotes better brand recall for the customers of the business.

User-Friendly Navigation


Business owners should also make sure their website is user friendly to encourage visitors to explore it. Many consumers prefer exploring websites that make it easy for them to find what they need. With this in mind, business owners should make sure the website incorporates intuitive navigation so visitors can easily navigate through the different web pages of the website.

The website should have an easy-to-find navigation bar. It should also allow visitors to go from one webpage to another easily. When a website is easy to explore, it will encourage visitors to buy something from the business.

While the initial design requires a good web designer and developer, the business also needs reliable IT support to ensure everything runs perfectly once the website is up. The support personnel should be familiar with the web architecture to deal with issues that come out in the future easily.

Understandable Call-To-Action

Aside from being user-friendly, businesses should also make its call-to-action (CTA) convenient for visitors. When the CTA is easy to understand, it will encourage visitors to purchase or at least subscribe to updates from the website.

Clear CTAs can increase conversions on the website. To do this, business owners should make sure visitors can easily see the buttons. Visitors should find it easy to find them, which means they should not blend into the background.

Business owners should also make use of suitable trigger words for their CTA. These trigger words should answer the questions of visitors when they explore the website. Trigger words on the CTA button include “click here” and “subscribe.”

Responsive Design

The design of the website should also be responsive since people use different devices to explore the internet. With this in mind, the website should have a design that renders properly on different devices, including mobile devices.

As of February 2021, around 85 percent of American adults own a smartphone. With this information, business owners should make sure their websites render properly when people use a smartphone to access them. If people cannot access the website, business owners will lose a sale since customers will look somewhere else to buy what they need.

This highlights the importance of ensuring the website has a responsive design to allow people to access it on different devices. Aside from rendering properly, business owners should also make sure the website loads fast. People normally look somewhere else if a website is slow. Therefore, website owners should target a loading time of less than 10 seconds.

Designing the website well increases the chances of business owners to connect with potential customers and eventually make a sale.

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