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Driving: Things You Could Be Doing to End up with a Ticket

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One of the tough parts of being on the road is getting pulled over by the police for violating a traffic law. This can be a stressful and expensive experience as you can get fined for hundreds of dollars for a small oversight. While the most common cause of getting a ticket is speeding, there are a variety of other reasons that can get you a ticket or fine. Knowing what these are will help you stay in the green and on the right side of the law. Here are some common reasons you could get a ticket or get pulled over:

Driving in an abnormal manner

Obviously, when on the road, drivers should be abiding by traffic laws and driving properly. If you are behaving in any way that is unusual, police officers observing you might think that you are driving under the influence, which may result in them pulling you over. It is best not to have any sort of open container in your hands while driving. Don’t appear indecisive when trying to find directions or when following the map as this can make it look like you are swerving or going in a zigzag manner.

Do not even sleep or rest behind the wheel with the ignition on, especially if you have a few drinks in the system. Even though it is still legal in Arizona. In a lot of states, it is illegal to smoke tobacco in a car in the presence of a minor. If you are smoking in the car with someone who appears to be minor, you risk getting pulled over.

Not having your registration and inspection stickers

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Your vehicle is required to display stickers that ensure that your car has passed all relevant safety inspections. If you are driving around or parked without the right stickers, which may include parking permits or permits to drive on a certain road or area, you may get pulled over and issued a fine. At this time, the officer will also ask for your license and registration. If you cannot provide the registration, you may be asked to cease from driving the vehicle, and it may get towed at your expense.

Having a broken tail light or malfunctioning lights

Having a tail light that is not working is one of the biggest reasons people get pulled over. Always ensure that your indicators, tail lights, and headlights are in good working condition. If your lights are not working, make sure that you visit a workshop in Phoenix, Arizona to get headlight restoration done. If you have hit the road and forgotten to turn your headlights on, you also risk getting pulled over, and in extreme situations, getting a fine.

There are many small reasons you can be issued a ticket by a traffic officer. This is why it is important to be completely aware of local laws and regulations. Not knowing the law is simply no excuse in front of a police officer. Be safe, and keep others safe as well.

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