Does Employee Loyalty Matters the Most to a Company?

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Regardless of what business you run, you should always foster loyalty among your employees. They become loyal because of a variety of reasons. Some become loyal to the company because they have been treated great in the past. They are also loyal to different aspects of the company. Some are loyal to the firm itself because they’ve been with the organization for most of their lives. Others are loyal to their managers that they’ll even resign if their managers retire or get fired. In fact, the last one is the most common type of employee loyalty. Employees tend to stay with the company if they are loyal to a certain authority or even to their workmates.

Businesses should always try to nurture and increase employee loyalty. If there is zero loyalty in the company, you will notice that employees are always absent and on leave, they’re unproductive, and your retention rate is low. If you keep on posting job ads because your employees have left after a couple of years, then maybe it is time to take a hard look at what you could be doing wrong as part of the management.

It’s the same thing with being in the public sector business. If you keep on having to tap a government recruitment company because, despite the good benefits, civil-service-eligible workers are leaving the organization, then it means good benefits are not enough. Maybe you are a toxic manager? Maybe you are overworking your staff? It is not always about how much they receive, but also about how they are being treated in the office.


Loyal employees are more productive in the office, but they also inspire others to be productive in their jobs. They are natural leaders. When they feel that other employees are not following their steps, they are going to think of creative ways to ensure that the jobs get done. Sometimes, they will take on more than they are being paid for because they know how important these tasks are to the company. This is the kind of employee every business needs—someone who will go out of their way to make sure that the company gets what it needs.

Customer Experience


What will make or break a business? The high level of experience that customers get from your organization. Only loyal customers make enough effort to make customers feel at home, valued, and appreciated. They go the extra mile in making sure that the customers will come back for another purchase or service. If customers continue to have a positive experience transacting with the same employee, then those customers will not hesitate to recommend the business to friends, families, and even acquaintances. In fact, they will leave positive feedback on the company’s social media pages.

Employee loyalty bridges customer loyalty. It is a chain reaction. When employees are loyal to the business, then this will reflect on their work. In turn, customers will continue to have a positive experience that will turn them into loyal business clients. If the employee isn’t loyal to the business, that will affect how they relate to the customers.


Do you know that more than half of the company’s image is built by employees? When customers learn that employees have been with the company for decades, they will immediately think that the company is doing something good for its people. They will not have any trouble wanting to be loyal to the company as customers because they think this is only commensurate to how they are taking care of their people. So, whenever your employees speak positively and highly of the organization, they are indirectly telling people that their money is well-spent in the organization.

Talent Pool

News about how you are as an employer will go around the industry. More potential employees are going to be curious about working with you. They’d like to take the chance of being part of the organization, too. Maybe they heard about it from their friends who are working with you. It might be an open secret in the industry that you give out the best compensation, and you value workers and their families. Are you giving more unpaid leaves depending on the number of years the employee has been with you? That’s something that every worker wants.

The more you give to your employees, the more they are willing to give back to the company. Employment is a give-and-take relationship. You cannot take and take and expect your employees to be loyal based only on the rightful salary that they receive every month. You need to take the extra mile to be worthy of their loyalty.

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