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Boosting Business Curb Appeal: Why Your Establishment’s Exterior Matters

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When it comes to business matters, the usual question is how to run a business effectively or what marketing strategies to employ, but rarely is whether your establishment’s exterior looks good. But now that the question is presented to you, ask yourself: does my establishment’s facade look good? Believe it or not, looks matter when it comes to your establishment.

First of all, if you own a brick-and-mortar shop, it’s the first thing your customers see, as well as what they’ll be seeing for the foreseeable future if they keep coming back to your business. It’s what draws customers to your business and makes it stand out among countless others just like it.

Here are five reasons your establishment’s exterior matters and why you should be thinking about improving or updating it.

Increases Curb Appeal

It isn’t just for residential districts anymore. Although we all want our business to succeed and continue to get high profit, there might come a time when you should seriously consider selling the property it stands on. This is when curb appeal comes into the picture. Business curb appeal can help your property look more attractive to potential buyers and help it sell faster. But more than that, curb appeal is also about making it look good.

Whatever it is you dabble in, curb appeal makes your business look more attractive and appealing to both consumers and investors. Your business’s location can contribute to its curb appeal, but so can other factors, such as the signage, exterior design, and type of business. As much as possible, you want your business to look appealing to anyone who sees it, so make sure that it is.

Adds Accessibility

Your business exterior can have practical use as well. If you don’t already have any accessibility features in place, then it’s time that you think of putting them in. Accessibility features to a building can include a ramp for disabled or wheelchair-using customers, an evenly spaced parking lot with a disabled spot, wide and tall doorways with easy access doors, and proper lighting and assistance.

As a business, it’s your job to cater to as many customers as possible, and that should include customers with physical or even mental impairments. Try to incorporate accessibility into both your building’s exterior and interior design.

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Improves Health and Safety

A building that’s in tip-top shape, or at least looks like it is less likely to cause accidents or any unforeseen incidents. Keeping your business’ exterior in good condition is one way you can prevent any health violations or accidents from happening. For instance, broken signage can fall off at any moment and potentially hurt passersby or anyone entering or exiting the shop. A shabby ceiling or floor could collapse and hurt any of your customers inside. Thin walls without proper insulation could break and let in robbers or let in mold, mildew, and rot.

A well-maintained building not only looks good but also maintains the health and safety of you, your employees, and your customers, as well as deters any potential criminals from making a target out of your business. Having a durable roof, flooring, and wall rendering system keeps the building not only safe and sound but also appealing.

Satisfies Your Customers

When you make your customers’ safety and overall satisfaction a priority, your customers are sure to see it and leave your store happier for it. A good exterior, even a modest one, conveys a clear message to your customer—that you take their happiness and satisfaction seriously and that you care about their experience while they’re there within the four walls of your business.

As a business, you should always be working towards your customers‘ satisfaction. Having a good and well-maintained exterior is one way you can show customers that you’re committed to giving them a good experience. It attracts customers to your business, and hopefully, it can convince them to stay. Plus, you’ll get far fewer complaints if your business is clean and well-maintained.

Makes You Feel Good

Let’s face it; we all want to look good. Looking good makes us feel good, and making sure that your store looks good is no different. You’ll feel much better about your business if it looks serviceable and aesthetically pleasing. It allows for greater peace of mind, and if you know that your exterior design works and brings in more customers, you have a solid business plan and an even more solid foundation to build off.

Final Thoughts

Planning a store’s exterior and interior design is an integral part of a business plan. You can’t have a store without it. First impressions absolutely matter, especially when it comes to business. So make them count in all the right places.

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