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Five Extra Skills a Preschool Should Be Teaching Your Child

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When their toddler goes to preschool for the first time, every parent has some expectations. You might expect your toddler to learn the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors. They should be able to identify phonetic sounds for each of the letters of the alphabet. They should learn the names of common things around them and parts of their body, along with simple nursery rhymes. Although these constitute everything that they will learn on the surface, a good preschool will go above and beyond and teach them much more. If you have preschool-age toddlers in Ahwatukee, Arizona, you might be confused as to what exactly their school should be like. Here, we talk about some things that your child should learn in preschool that are probably not mentioned on the school website.

1. Creative expression

Yes, it is true that your child should learn numbers and counting, but if they are doing it in exactly the same way they would in school, then the preschool is doing it wrong. The emphasis should be on creativity and creative expression. Instead of writing things down, they should engage in activities that will make them get up and get moving. This can be achieved through various means such as painting, drawing, and role-playing.

2. Friendship

You may think that a three-year-old child is too young to learn about friendship and will probably not remember anyone they meet at this age. However, emphasis on friendship or bonds that have developed between classmates is important. This will teach your child about how to adapt to and behave in society later on in life. It will also boost your child’s confidence and make them more socially outgoing. Having friends at an early age can improve your child’s vocabulary when they will get to talk to other children and express their feelings and desires using words.

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3. Morals and values

A good preschool will not only teach your child how to solve problems, but it will also teach them the values and morals that you hold important. This might include ideals such as sharing and kindness or ethics. It should place an emphasis on nature or God to broaden your child’s horizon. This is achieved by reading out stories, play-acting, and discussing what is right and wrong and different scenarios.

4. The importance of family

Your precious child’s preschool is also responsible for teaching them how to appreciate family. This might be through small tokens such as making cards for Father’s or Mother’s Day or by asking them to draw their family. This will help them appreciate their role in the household and understand family expectations as they grow older.

5. Diversity

Choose a diverse preschool for your child. This will expose them to differences in culture and help them appreciate those differences instead of learning to fear them. Your child will grow up to become a more just and kinder person.

There are many essential things that your child should learn in preschool. Make sure that they will learn those things before you enroll them in a particular preschool.

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